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From the CoE down to citizen developers, automation is happening all over your enterprise. And that’s a good thing. But an even better thing is to have a management console to keep automation happening right. Get it right now, right out of the box, with UiPath Automation Ops.

Pick, click, and control—it’s as simple as that

Use a single, simple web portal to manage and implement governance rules based on user profiles.

Get out-of-the-box, cloud-first deployment

Get out-of-the-box, cloud-first deployment

Automation Ops is part of Automation Cloud™—so you can get it and set it up quickly. And know you’re always working with the latest, greatest version.

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Install guardrails, not speedbumps

Install guardrails, not speedbumps

Avoid unnecessary intrusions or restrictions on users while ensuring effective governance. Get easy ways to customize organization policies and tailor rules for groups and individuals.

Define the sandbox - Automation Ops

Define the sandbox

Get centralized control over what’s being automated, and how—with tools that let you set acceptable feeds, packages, widgets, and activities and restrict the applications and URLs that can be automated.

Go big, no worries

Go big, no worries

Tight connections with StudioStudioX, and UiPath Assistant let you safely deploy large instances. This gives your IT department oversight and control, and your users the freedom to build and run great automations.

Automation Ops Feeds

Feeds management for better control

With more and more activities and automations being developed, managing and keeping track of these resources can become a real challenge. The new Feeds management feature in Automation Ops is here to help administrators:​

  • View details about the packages available in feeds​

  • Manage the packages and package versions available in Orchestrator​

  • Manage package feeds at the tenant and folder level.​

  • Add custom feeds, manage the packages and package versions, and deploy them as external feeds to Orchestrator tenants.​

  • Copy specific activity package versions from the UiPath Official and Marketplace feeds to Orchestrator or custom library feeds.​

New in Automation Ops

The latest features currently available in public preview:


Source control

Integrating with GitHub is the first step to gain control over source code-related activities for automation projects. With source control, you can access your GitHub repositories, track automation projects across multiple repos, see the commit history, and your projects’ structure and content.


Automation pipelines (CI/CD)

Together with source control, pipelines provide an easy way to set up a continuous-integration/continuous-delivery (CI/CD) system to manage the code of automation projects, making development predictable and scalable.

Start using UiPath Automation Ops now

Manage automation development like software development. Because that’s what it is.

Building automations might be simpler and more intuitive than traditional software—but ensuring quality, re-use, and security for an enterprise-wide automation development program requires the DevOps-like management tools built into Automation Ops.


Coding standards


Version management


Design & run-time security


Artifact access


Source control (Preview)


Automation pipelines CI/CD (Preview)

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