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Build a high-ROI automation pipeline with AI-powered task analysis

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UiPath Task Mining automatically identifies and aggregates process workflows, then applies AI to map tasks to automation opportunities. That's how you build a high-value automation pipeline across the enterprise. Play Video Button
Task Mining

Discover without disruption

With centralized control from the admin portal, you can securely capture and aggregate employees’ detailed workflow data—including steps and execution time—without interrupting their work.

Task Mining

Let AI find the insights

Advanced machine learning models tease out the most frequent task patterns from the data. Then they identify repetitive activities that could be automated.

Task Mining

Prioritize your pipeline based on facts

Machine learning models score automation candidates for both potential savings and ease of automation. So you can scale automation profitably and quickly.

Task Mining

Automatically generate process maps

Task Mining collects data from many employees doing the same task—then uses AI to aggregate it into an elegant process map along with all the drill-down details.

Task Mining

Keep data secure, private, and de-identified

Task Mining captures only whitelisted applications. It anonymizes and aggregates individual data. Data upload and transfer are encrypted and secured.

Task Mining

Quickly transform RPA pipeline into RPA profit

Get the benefits of full integration with the end-to-end UiPath RPA Platform, with one-click exports to PDDs or into UiPath Studio for speedy bot-building.

For details, download the UiPath Task Mining 1-pager

Build an enterprise-wide pipeline of your best automation projects—scientifically and securely​

Low touch, high scale​

Use scalable centralized capture process and elegant selector technology to capture the relevant details without interrupting the users​

Private and secure​

Get peace of mind with security and privacy features including screen obfuscation, irreversible transformation, blurring, and secure upload


Leverage advanced machine learning to get automation suggestions and map tasks ​

End-to-end automation ​

Move from discovery to automation with the only integrated platform for ​end-to-end hyperautomation​


How to Use Task Mining and Process Mining to Build Resiliency into Your Business

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Discover processes from every angle

See all the ways the UiPath RPA Platform fully integrates process understanding into RPA


Discover processes from every angle

See all the ways the UiPath RPA Platform fully integrates process understanding into RPA


Use AI to find more ROI in
automating day-to-day activities​