Give a digital assistant to every employee. Watch results soar.​

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UiPath Assistant is a personal digital assistant for every employee. It gives everyday individuals easy access to selected automations that help them with their day-to-day tasks. It lets automation leaders manage, distribute, and govern automation centrally. And it lifts automation impact to new heights across the entire enterprise.​

86% of employees are willing to use automation tools

Make automations easy to run

Make automations easy to run

UiPath Assistant makes automation accessible and easy to use for all. An engaging desktop interface lets people see and run all the automations their company has approved for them.

Employees can also launch their robot-powered Apps and manage Action Center tasks directly from Assistant.​

Put more of the ‘personal’ in every person’s Assistant

Put more of the ‘personal’ in every person’s Assistant

Every person has a different work style, a different workday.

So we’ve made it easy for individuals to create reminders, organize processes by folders, and set up process configurations. They even have the freedom to choose and name their new digital sidekick.

Use Picture in Picture to work side-by-side with robots

Picture in Picture lets an employee work undisturbed on one desktop, while a robot works in parallel on a desktop copy—sidekicks working side-by-side. A robot can easily check in with the employee if it needs information or approval.

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Scale everyday automation with transparency and control

Scale everyday automation with transparency and control

Through integration with UiPath Orchestrator, you’ll get the centralized governance capabilities you need to distribute automations to teams that need them. You can manage, track, and update automations on everyone’s desktop.

Enable citizen developers to manage and run their own automations

Enable citizen developers to manage and run their own automations

Tech-savvy employees can immediately publish the automations they’ve created in Studio or StudioX to a personal folder in Assistant. They get an easy way to put their automations to use while the center of excellence (CoE) maintains oversight and control.

Digital Assistant for every Mac user, right at their desktop

Provide every Mac user with a digital assistant

Scale your automation program to new heights with UiPath Assistant on macOS.

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Empowering employees with a personal robot assistant is easy

Empowering employees with a digital assistant is easy

  • Enable employees to easily access a library of ready-to-go automations for their daily use right in Assistant

  • Easily customize automations according to your company needs and policies​

  • Govern the whole program and drive automation ROI from day one

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Max Cheprasov, Chief Automation Officer, dentsu

“The ultimate goal is to arm all of our employees with a virtual assistant. There isn’t a team or process that can’t benefit from AI and RPA.”

Max Cheprasov

Former Chief Automation Officer, dentsu

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Collaborating for automation

UiPath Assistant makes a world of difference to the world of work

Employees: do less boring work

Get automations that take repetition out of your world—and an easy, customizable way to launch, manage, and run them when you need them.

CoEs: bring automation deep into the day-to-day

Make it easy and fun for employees to interact with robots and get the benefits from the automations you’ve created. Keep control over the process with centralized governance and visibility.

Business leaders: grow and prosper

Capture the agility, growth, and efficiency that comes from bringing automation into everyone’s every day.

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UiPath Academy Course

Upskill employees with a free Assistant course

Business users and citizen developers can learn how to use their personal Assistant in just one hour.

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