FORWARD 5'The Best Bits’

Grab a front-row seat and catch-up on what you missed.

For those of you who were unable to join us in person at FORWARD 5 this year, we’ve packaged up ‘The Best Bits’, a three-volume series available on demand.

Volume 1: The Future of Automation

Get the big picture on the future of UiPath and automation’s evolving impact from Co-CEOs Daniel Dines and Rob Enslin and Executive VP Ted Kummert and learn about the 2022.10 release and beyond from our Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon.

Reboot and Reimagine Business Processes to Drive Automation-Fueled Business Outcomes

Rob Enslin, Co-CEO at UiPath, lays out the massive new enterprise value that’s on the table—and why adopting an automation-first approach to business is the new strategic imperative for C-suites.

The Innovation Behind the UiPath Business Automation Platform: Enabling the Automation Advantage

Ted Kummert, EVP, Product & Engineering at UiPath, introduces the next leap forward in UiPath automation technology:  the UiPath Business Automation Platform. 

Daniel, Unplugged: A View From the Founder's Chair

Join Daniel Dines, Co-CEO at UiPath, as he reflects on the past, present, and future of UiPath in an automation-first world, and welcomes special guests to the stage to celebrate their automation-fueled transformations.

The 2022.10 Release and Beyond: Riding Our Roadmap Into the Future

Join Param Kahlon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath, for a sneak peek at some of the cool things we’re working on for future  2022.10 release of the UiPath Business Automation Platform.

Volume 2: Making Big Aspirationsa Reality

See what do companies like Spotify, PUMA, Uber, Amazon, and JP Morgan Chase have in common and how they are using automation to transform the way they work and unlock the potential of their people.

Win in Digital’s Next Phase by Building Your Automation Fabric Now

The next ‘S-curve’ of technology is emerging. Leslie Joseph, Principal Analyst at Forrester, presents the latest thinking on the power of automation in capturing competitive advantage in the days ahead

Mining Automation Gold: How Thinking ‘Automation First’ Can Unearth New Revenues and Profitable Growth​

In this panel, moderated by UiPath Chief Business Officer Chris Weber, you’ll hear how Truist and California DMV​ are capturing new revenues, growing market share, and accelerating growth by placing automation at the core of their offerings.

How to Evangelize Automation in the Enterprise​

Spotify, PUMA, Wesco, and B/S/H/ share practical advice on:

  • Helping people see the benefits of robot-augmented work (Spotify)

  • Expanding from one person to an extensive automation program (PUMA)

  • Building a team of citizen developers in every department (Wesco)

  • Increasing employee satisfaction by automating (B/S/H/)

Bedazzle Your C-level with Automation Outcomes: What Matters Most to Your Executives?​

Listen to C-suite executives from Banco Azteca, Amitech Solutions, and Patrick Industries, to gain a better understanding of executive and board-level priorities, decision criteria, and strategic tradeoffs—and learn how to make a dazzling business case for enterprise automation investment.

The Value-Driven Approach to Automation​

What do successful customer automation journeys have in common? They all focus on the value of automation. Learn how Uber, Applied Materials, and Sweco use a value-driven approach to get even more from their automation programs.  

The Journey to Future Proof Your Workforce at Scale​

Executives from JP Morgan Chase, Cox Enterprises and AECOM reveal how they’ve achieved success through optimized change management programs, innovative operating models, and commitment from both the C-suite and employees.  

How to Scale Automation Fast​

Are you hitting roadblocks and speedbumps as you attempt to expand your automation programs? You’re in good company! Amazon, CVS Health, PwC, Toyota Financial Services, and Cox Enterprises will share the strategies and tactics they used to blast through their own scaling obstacles.  

Success on the Cutting Edge: Customer Lightning Rounds​

What happens when you act fast and first in bringing automation enterprise-wide? Join ADT, Uber, and Acushnet, as they share what they’ve learned—and what rewards they’ve claimed—as early adopters of strategic automation. 

Volume 3: Stories that Will InspireYou to Act

Discover how creative automation practitioners like Meta (Facebook), Indeed, Generali, and Wells Fargo, are tackling industry-specific challenges.

How to Succeed as a CoE Lead

Join this fireside chat of some of the world's most prolific CoEs at Meta (Facebook), Indeed, Oshkosh, and UiPath. They'll show you how to: 

  • Secure executive sponsorship and budget 

  • Partner with business groups to build a robust pipeline  

  • Expand your automation impact throughout your company

Why Automation is Moving to the Top of the C-Suite Agenda (and Why IT Should Care)

Why Automation is Moving to the Top of the C-Suite Agenda (and Why IT Should Care)

Listen to the CIOs of world class companies as they reveal the highest-impact opportunities they have discovered—and discuss the best ways to get the most from CIO-led automation initiatives.

Automation at Scale in Insurance

Automation at Scale in Insurance

Hear tips from this fireside chat as Generali shares insights on:

  • The importance of AI in Insurance for delivering new products and services

  • Their citizen-led journey, with 7k+ employees trained in next generation workforce skills

  • The value of Process Mining to Insurers

Customer Panel featuring Wells Fargo, Truist, and JP Morgan Chase

Customer Panel featuring Wells Fargo, Truist, and JP Morgan Chase

There’s a growing gap in Banking and Financial Services, where ‘leaders’ are outperforming ‘laggards’ by 2x. Why? Firms putting automation at the center of their strategy are realizing a powerful competitive advantage. Automation improves customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score, helps attain best-in-class efficiency ratios, increases straight-through processing rates, and accelerates time to market.

Fireside Chat: Using Intelligent Automation to Innovate Across a National Health System

Using Intelligent Automation to Innovate Across a National Health System

Tremaine Richard-Noel created an innovative, effective, large-scale intelligent automation solution for Northampton General Hospital, NHS Trust in 6 hours. That brilliant work earned him well-deserved attention on a global scale, including a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2021. Richard-Noel will be in conversation with Ibility Co-Founder and CEO Danielle Krakora in this exciting session.

Building a Culture of Automation to Deliver Better to Citizens

Building a Culture of Automation to Deliver Better to Citizens

Hear from County of Los Angeles, State Government, North Carolina DHHS, and Georgia Department of Human Services on how they are building a culture of automation.

Let’s Talk About Digital Talent in IT and Business

Let’s Talk About Digital Talent in IT and Business

According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of all employees worldwide will need upskilling or reskilling by 2025. Are you ready for a tsunami of people needing new digital capabilities? This session will cover the macroeconomic trends shaping the future-ready labor force.

Automation for Good

Get inspired by organizations and people who are using automation forthe greater good.   

These stories won't be about top - or bottom - line improvements, or meeting KPIs. Rather, these are stories about human dignity, human resilience, and human achievement—and how great automation helps make these great things possible.

Automation for Good – In War or Peace - Part I

Automation for Good – In War or Peace - Part I

In this Part I, Eduard Shlepetskyy, Founder at ECTIVE will share his experience from volunteering and co-organizing an initiative to help Ukrainian war refugees, and what role automation played in it.  

Automation for Good – In War or Peace – Part II

Automation for Good – In War or Peace – Part II

In this Part II, hear from CAI and DexKo how adding neurodiversity to a team can positively increase performance and delivery of automations compared to neurotypical teams. Creating a neurodiverse team can be accomplished with planning, training, and support for neurodivergent resources and the organization.

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