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Teach robots to intelligently process documents using AI

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Wouldn’t it be great if software robots could understand documents? To extract, interpret, and process data for you, even from PDFs, images, handwriting, and scans? Document Understanding helps your robots do just that. Delegate more of your digital paperwork, with a boost from AI.

Easily build and deploy intelligent document-processing robots

Drag and drop Document Understanding activities into the user-friendly Studio environment. Occasionally validate data in Action Center to handle exceptions and help robots understand your documents better.

Process a wide range of documents

Process a wide range of documents

Your documents come in many layouts and formats. But whether they’re fixed forms or unstructured ones; whether they contain handwriting, checkboxes or signatures; whether they’re rotated, skewed, or low-resolution—UiPath Robots can handle them.

Get off to a quick start with AI

Get off to a quick start with AI

Make use of pre-trained machine learning models to enhance your bots with AI. Coupled with traditional RPA, AI document processing helps automate highly manual cognitive tasks.

Train robots to understand your custom documents

Train robots to understand your custom documents

Intelligent document processing calls for highly intelligent robots, so they keep learning and get more accurate over time. To train a new custom model, use UiPath AI Center.

Automate more processes— from start to finish

Automate more processes—from start to finish

Before Document Understanding, automated workflows required humans to step in and process documents manually. Now you can teach robots to handle an entire process. Humans only need to check in to validate data or handle exceptions.

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How AI Can Continuously Improve and Scale Automations
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How AI Can Continuously Improve and Scale Automations

Watch this exclusive discussion with Evros and Cognizant to learn how to:

  • Use intelligent process automation to reduce humans’ workload

  • Discover the different use cases of using AI and RPA across industries

The results of intelligent document processing

Reuced errors
Reduced cost of manual document processing
Reduced time spent on document related tasks
Guide to Document Understanding
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White paper

Guide to Document Understanding

  • Learn how to process different types of documents

  • Increase operational efficiency and mitigate risks with intelligent document processing

People hate paper-pushing. Our robots love it.

Versatile and flexible

Can find needed data, even if its position moves in the document.

Highly accurate

Can define which technology to use to ensure the highest accuracy.

Capable and independent

Can perform high-volume processes end-to-end, 24/7, with minimal monitoring.

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Video Demo
Set up a Document Understanding framework

Teaching robots to 'understand’ documents starts by setting up UiPath Studio and activities used within the Document Understanding framework.

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Automate document processing with intelligence, speed, and scale