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October 15

Day 1


Breakfast, Registration, & Meet the Experts

Bobby Patrick

Chief Marketing Officer, UiPath

The Automation First Era in Full Swing

UiPath CMO, Bobby Patrick, kicks off day one of Forward III with an overview of automation progress in society and insight into what the automation first era means for today’s enterprise.

Param Kahlon

Chief Product Officer, UiPath

UiPath Platform Innovation & The Future of RPA

UiPath Chief Product Officer, Param Kahlon takes us into the future of RPA with an overview of the UiPath platform innovation. Featuring demos and stories from cutting-edge customers you will learn what’s coming next from UiPath.


Morning Break

David Eagleman

New York Times bestselling author (The Brain) & Neuroscientist

The Creative Company: How to Embrace Innovation and Lean into the Future

Delphine Bernard

Global Head of Finance Operations, Uber

Jonathan Finch

Assistant Treasurer, Amazon

Abe Khaleeli

Head of PMO & Intelligent Automation Practice, Pandora

How the World’s Most Disruptive Companies Are Adopting the Automation First Mindset

Amazon, SiriusXM-Pandora, and Uber have continually used technology to move faster than the competition, create better customer experiences and win their markets. In this panel discussion, learn how they are adopting an automation first mindset to stay on top.


Lunch and Topic Roundtables
Meet the Experts

Sponsored by partners & UiPath experts.

Track 1

Scaling RPA

Using AI-powered Robotic Process Automation to Drive Scale

For years, Chevron’s team had to manually mine data from 75-300 reports daily. Now Chevron processes these reports with ML and UiPath. Join this session to learn about the need for AI to scale, hear how Chevron trained their ML model, and watch their groundbreaking automation run.

Roohi Agarwal, Business Relationship Manager - Chevron

Nielsen 3 Year RPA Journey: Lessons Learned, Keys to Success, and 350,000 Hours Saved

Nielsen has gone through the evolution of scaling their automation program from a fully democratized approach with 100s of RPA Champions to a Hybrid CoE. Oleg Royz, VP of Global Automation and Head of CoE, shares the lessons and success factors of their journey to help save the organization over 350,000 hours with this highly efficient model.

Oleg Royz, Vice President - Global Digital Transformation / RPA, Nielsen

How VMware Drives Digital Transformation at Scale with RPA

Learn how VMware is creating business value through a strategic end to end approach and how RPA at scale has played in their business transformation journey. VMWare has saved over 100,000 hours in approximately 9 months and to progressively achieve higher target from volume (number of bots and processes) and value. Enabling the entire enterprise to draw the benefits of automation are some of the many insights shared by Mia Leondakis, VP of Business Transformation and Automation.

Mia Leondakis, Vice President - Global Digital Transformation / RPA, VMware

Track 2

Democratizing RPA

Connect Enterprise: Where Employees Connect to Drive Automation Opportunities

How do you discover, prioritize, and track the best processes to automate? Uncover the “long tail” of “bottom up” automation ideas from your employees, as you deliver enterprise-scale opportunities from the “top down.” With the new UiPath Connect Enterprise Hub, you can effectively manage the automation lifecycle with instant visibility, transparency, and control.

Iulia Istrate, Enabling Technologies Product Owner, UiPath

Automation for All: Making RPA Accessible Across Your Organization

Rupesh Gaikwad, COE Lead and Chief Evangelist, Amdocs

How to Leverage the UiPath Community to Drive Your RPA Adoption

Track 3

Innovating RPA

A Deep Dive into the UiPath 2019 release

The 2019 release delivers the platform for the Automation First Era. This session will cover the highlights of the release across Orchestrator, Studio, Robots and Cloud.

Tarek Madkour, UiPath
Craig Dewar, UiPath

Supercharge your RPA strategy with UiPath AI Skills and AI Fabric

UiPath focuses on delivering Pragmatic AI – AI which solves specific business challenges for our customers. In this session, join the UiPath AI Product team for a deep-dive on the UiPath AI Skills and roadmap as well as how UiPath is integrating advanced AI from our technology partner ecosystem. You will also hear how AI Fabric will enable you to seamlessly deploy your own AI/ML models into your automation workflows, allowing you to harness the power of your own data science teams to take your automation strategy to the next level.

Anton McGonnell, UiPath
Erik Goelz, UiPath

Unleash Your Citizen Developers with the UiPath Platform

Now everyone can automate their own tasks. Learn how UiPath's platform simplifies business task automation with seamless Office integration and a simplified interface.

Bogdan Ripa, UiPath


Meet the Experts

Kevin Kroen

Partner, Financial Services Advisory, PwC

Julia Lamm

FS Digital Workforce Strategy Leader, PwC

A Robot for Every Person at PwC

Kevin Kroen and Julia Lamm from PwC present their view of the journey for accelerating their vision for a digitally enabled workforce with a robot for every person. Using PwC’s own journey as a reference point, Kevin and Julia will discuss how various industries and functions are embracing this concept both as a way to transform the employee experience, evolve company culture, increase productivity, and drive broader operating model transformation.

Jolene Gardner

SVP Automation, Re-Engineering and Transformation, United Health Group


Daniel Dines

Founder and CEO, UiPath

The State of UiPath

Daniel Dines, Founder and CEO of UiPath shares his vision of what’s next for UiPath and the automation industry. Featuring special guests across the technology landscape and the leading companies that are driving RPA in their business




Reboot Work Celebration

October 16

Day 2


Breakfast, Registration, & Meet the Experts

Guy Kirkwood

Chief Evangelist, UiPath

RPA Predictions for 2020

Guy Kirkwood, UiPath Chief Evangelist, shares his predictions for the RPA market in 2020. These insightful, cutting-edge tips will help you start the new year ahead of the pack.

Craig Le Clair

Vice-President, Forrester Research

Making Work Work for Everyone in the Automation First Era

Craig Le Clair, Forrester Vice-President and author of Invisible Robots in the Quiet of the Night shares research on RPA adoption, best practices and what steps practitioners need to take today to ensure that no one is left behind in a world of automation and AI.

Marie Myers

Chief Financial Officer, UiPath

Susan Steele

Global Chief HR Officer, Cison

Katherine Wetmur

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

The C-Suite View of Automation: A Fireside Chat

Marie Myers, UiPath CFO, was introduced to RPA as a UiPath customer. She became so passionate about the power of intelligent automation to transform the future of work that she decided to climb aboard the UiPath rocket ship. In this session, she leads a discussion with other global executives on their automation journeys about how the C-Suite and Boards are making RPA a strategic priority.


Meet the Experts

Scott Schmidt

VP of People Solutions and Modernization, Walmart

Arthur Mazor

Global HR Transformation Practice Leader, Deloitte

How Walmart Makes a Happy Workplace with an Automation First Mindset

Jeff Aldridge

Americas Intelligent Automation Leader, EY

Goutham Goudgere

EY Attended Automation Project Leader, EY

EY Global - Continuing our IA Journey to Scale with Attended Automation from UiPath


The Next Wave of Scaling Up Cognizant/Next Era Energy

Hear about NextEra’s automation journey–from the beginning through growth and onto the next wave of scaling up. Here, NextEra will share best practices on establishing a Center of Excellence, using data to drive a successful implementation, and internal alignment around gaining/missing anticipated benefits. With help from Cognizant, NextEra has been able to reduce their cycle times by 50%, realize a $10 million annual savings, and uncover a backlog of over a 100 new opportunities.



Armando Lambert

EVP Enterprise Optimization, Bayview

Zia Bhutta

CEO & Managing Partner, Accelirate



Lunch and Topic Roundtables
Meet the Experts

Sponsored by partners & UiPath experts.

Track 1

Scaling RPA

Scaling Automation: People & Process Synergies

People and processes are at the heart of scaling RPA within organizations. A consistent and clear strategy, defined processes and know-how about how they work, sufficient organizational RPA and digital capabilities, and streamlined intra-organizational collaboration are some of the topics that will be discussed. Learn about challenges and solutions that address and drive scale within these successful organizations.

Shail Khiyara, UiPath
Julien Bardou, Allianz
Simon Clayden, AXA UK
Jose Ordinas Lewis, SwissRE
Jairo Quiros, Equifax

The Impact of RPA & AI on The Future of Banking & Financial Services

Ranked #26 on the 2018 Fortune 500 companies, Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in the United States. Paul Kross, VP of Enterprise RPA COE, shares how a fresh approach to core banking modernization is key. Insights shared on how automation at scale drives the business strategy and learn how Wells Fargo has returned over 75,000 hours back to the business using RPA.

Paul Krauss, VP, Enterprise RPA COE Leader, Wells Fargo

Track 2

Democratizing RPA

Unlock Your Productivity with the Most Popular Marketplace Components

Bringing A Robot for Every Person to Life: How Ericsson is Enabling a Citizen Developer Program

How do you create an 'automation first' culture in an enterprise of 96,000 globally distributed employees? David Hunter, Strategic Product Manager at Ericsson will share the process, technology, and change management framework that has already mobilized thousands of citizen developers within the organization.

David Hunter, Strategic Product Manager, Ericsson

Track 3

Innovating RPA

Scientifically Plan, Measure, and Scale with Process Understanding AI and Analytics

Going beyond an initial implementation of RPA requires two things: First, a scientific, data-driven approach to determine the best processes to kick off your automation journey. Second, a seamless way to accurately measure not only the performance of your RPA implementation, but how that that implementation drives strategic business outcomes. Join the UiPath AI Product team to learn more about exciting announcements from the company’s Process Understanding and Analytics product team and learn how you can start scaling your RPA implementation today.

Christian Berg, UiPath
Harish Doddala, UiPath

Let's get Robots and Humans Talking

Orchestrate systems, Robots, humans and AI - the entire Digital Workforce with a single platform to transform your business. Learn how to get humans into the loop to collaborate with robots more effectively and how to automate end-to-end digital processes rather than just tasks.

Justin Marks, UiPath

Attended Software Robots– The Future of Your Workforce

Software Robots working with you to execute mundane tasks, scour the web, crunch data, and understand voice commands are the future of work. Join Brandon Nott Senior Vice President, Attended Automation as he explores the possible and shows you the future, today. This session will define the roles of unattended, attended and hybrid robots and engage your imagination with real world use cases.

Brandon Nott, UiPath



Shail Khiyara

Customer Experience Officer, UiPath

Leyla Delic

Chief Information Officer, Coca-Cola İçecek

Prakash Kota

Chief Information Officer, Autodesk

Abhijeet Bhandare

Chief Automation Officer, GE Power

How Automation Empowers the Chief Information Officer

Breaking the silos, companies around the world are introducing automation technology across almost every facet of their businesses. Automation is transforming the roles of employees and fundamentally altering the ways many work and communicate. Join us as we demystify technology trends, discuss shifts from IT infrastructure to data-driven decision making, and discuss how automation helps organizations rethink their business model and drive customer obsession.

Tom Clancy

SVP of Learning, UiPath

Learning for the Automation First Generation

Discover how you can prepare society for an automated world with Tom Clancy, Senior Vice President - UiPath Learning. In addition to highlighting how UiPath Learning has trained more than 400,000 RPA students around the world, Tom will announce exciting educational partnerships that fuel the 'automation first' era, present transformative universities teaching RPA, and reveal how you can share the benefits of automation with your alma mater or favorite nonprofit.

Ana Cinca

VP of Enabling Technologies, UiPath

The UiPath Community Celebration


Event Concludes