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Enhance your workflow with Clipboard AI. This free productivity booster makes copy-paste tasks effortless, minimizes errors, and seamlessly scales your operations – all without any coding required.

Clipboard AI - Finance

Why Clipboard AI?

Clever copy – Intelligently reads from your screen, precisely extracting data from sources like JPG, PNG, PDF, Excel, Email, web/desktop forms, and more.

Powerful paste – Automatically transfers copied data to desired fields, such as web/desktop forms, Excel, PDF, and any plain-text apps including Word, PowerPoint, Email, Notepad, and more.

Infused with industry-leading AI – Powered by Generative AI and Specialized AI, identifies and sorts labels, converts images and documents into usable formats, and customizes outputs for your needs.

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Clipboard AI for finance

Making data transfer a breeze across SAP Fiori, Oracle NetSuite, and diverse invoice formats. 

Copying an invoice from email to an excel file

Watch a smooth transfer of data from an invoice received by email, directly into an Excel spreadsheet or even a NetSuite page. See how Clipboard AI skillfully manages multiple lines, placing them accurately into the correct fields for a structured and organized output. 

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Excel to SAP Fiori

Now, let's delve into the inverse scenario, where you have data in Excel that needs to be transferred into an ERP system. Watch how Clipboard AI, with a mere few clicks, can effortlessly create a new user in SAP. 

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Unstructured text to SAP User Details

See Clipboard AI in action as it extracts structured data from an unstructured source like a customer email. Experience the ease of updating this information directly on the customer's SAP profile. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. Is Clipboard AI open to everyone? Clipboard AI is currently in beta and open to everyone as we continue to refine the product based on your feedback.  

2. How does UiPath handle Clipboard AI user data? UiPath values data privacy and aims towards protecting all users' right to privacy when sharing data while using UiPath Clipboard AI. Read our data policy.

3. Is Clipboard AI available for free? Clipboard AI is currently available for free.

4. What languages does Clipboard AI support? Clipboard AI can be used with any language that uses the Latin alphabet, such as English, Spanish, French, Italian,  German, and more.  

5. What operating system is compatible with Clipboard AI? Clipboard AI is an application that runs on Windows. 

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