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We’ll keep this short and sweet.​

We have to. ​

Because the research is clear: these days, we’ll lose you if we don’t move fast.​​

That’s exactly what this UiPath Live is about: why you need speed more than ever before—and how to leverage automation and AI to out-speed your competition.​​

Your brain on speed—a neuroscientist’s perspective

Impatience is on the rise, attention is at a deficit—and it’s all in our heads. Author, researcher, and neuromarketer
Dr. Manuel Garcia-Garcia will explain how a faster-paced digital environment is upending how consumers (and employees) need and want to interact.

Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD.

Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD.

Global Lead of Neuroscience, Ipsos

Dr. Manuel Garcia-Garcia is a leading authority in the field of Consumer Neuroscience and currently holds the position of Global Lead of Neuroscience at Ipsos. He commands a unique combination of extensive academic credentials and invaluable expertise in consumer insights and cognitive sciences.

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Lessons from speed demons: How fast companies get that way

Where should you focus your acceleration efforts? And with what tools and technologies? Everest’s Amar Modi shares what he’s learned from some of the world’s most agile, responsive, and
customer-centric companies.

Amardeep Modi

Amardeep Modi

Vice President, Business Process Services, Everest Group

Amardeep Modi is Vice President at Everest Group and leads Everest...

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Johnson Controls: Driving speed with automation and AI

Hear how a global company that enables smarter, more efficient buildings is creating smarter, more efficient processes throughout its operations-–by leveraging automation to put AI to work in all the right places.

Easwaran Krishnamurthy

Easwaran Krishnamurthy (EK)

Vice President and CIO, Building Solutions for North American and Global Field Operations, Johnson Controls

With more than 20 years of experience, EK is a seasoned information technology...

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Thinking fast at UiPath

We'll take a quick spin through new UiPath Platform capabilities that make it even faster and easier to launch automations, execute AI, and get everyday work done everywhere.

Sebastian Schroetel

Sebastian Schroetel

Senior Vice President, Product Management

Sebastian Schroetel leads the product direction for UiPath Automation Suite...

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