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It’s time to shatter the myths about digital transformation.

Until now, you may have thought the idea of “fast automation” was an oxymoron. You may have believed digital transformation sounded great in theory, but was too intricate to achieve efficiently.

Here’s the new reality: automation can transform your business faster and in more ways than you realize. Our software robots can be up and running in a matter of days, processing transactions, interpreting data, and communicating with other digital systems.

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By using robots, you’re creating a digital workforce that’s productive around-the-clock. It’s an intelligent automation solution that eliminates mundane tasks, allowing team members to devote their skills to higher-value work. In the process, you’ll streamline operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

At a glance: Bottom line benefits of automation

Increased productivity
Robots perform tasks independently of their human counterparts. They never need a coffee, lunch, or bathroom break.

Streamlined processes
Robots improve workflow by removing routine tasks from employees. (That makes employees happier, too.)

Greater accuracy
We’re only human, so we make mistakes. Robots don’t.

Lower costs
With less time spent on manual administrative tasks, you’ll get a faster—and greater—return on your investment.

Digital system integration
Robots are team players. They connect systems, software, and applications so that they all work together smoothly.

RPA Executive Interview - Coke Canada Bottling and Greenlight Consulting

“A starting point for our digital journey.”

Watch this video to learn how automation played a critical role in Coca-Cola Icetek’s digital transformation. The company’s CIO, Leyla Delic, offers some compelling advice.

The future of digital transformation is anyone’s guess, right?
(Actually, that’s a myth, too.)

In the race to outpace digital transformation, UiPath is leading the way. Our latest white paper, “It’s Time to Automate,” reveals how automation enables your enterprise to embrace change and move confidently into the digitally fueled future.

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