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UiPath Artificial Intelligence

Real, pragmatic, and simple

We bring concepts out of the lab and into the real world

We create AI that works, that helps you solve real problems. That’s pragmatic AI.

Use UiPath AI skills, utilize AI from 100+ technology partners, or bring your own models developed by your data science team. Simply drag and drop these powerful AI capabilities to your workflow and start automating more!

Process Understanding

Use AI to identify the best automation opportunities 

UiPath Task Mining

Increase the impact of your RPA program with Task Mining, our AI-powered process understanding product:

  • Automatically capture the daily tasks performed by your employees

  • Utilize AI to transform captured data into scientific process maps which represent the true pulse of your organization

  • Get data-driven automation suggestions with the highest ROI potential

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Leverage Process Understanding directly through the platform with these partners:

Document Understanding

Process more documents faster using AI

UiPath Receipt and Invoice AI

Automate high volume documents like receipts and invoices with our native machine learning extractor.

Read how AI streamlines accounts payable and expense management.

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Leverage a Document Understanding partner directly through the platform:

Visual Understanding

Automate business processes that use virtual desktops – and more

UiPath AI Computer Vision

With AI Computer Vision, your robots recognize and interact with more on-screen fields and components – including elements on virtual desktop interfaces (VDI), Flash, Silverlight, PDFs, and images.

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Leverage a Visual Understanding partner directly through the platform:

Conversational Understanding

Process and automate the text, chat, and voice inputs

Your robots become interactive

They understand meaning from natural language inputs. They can answer questions and take directions, improving your customer and employee experience.

Leverage a Conversational Understanding partner directly through the platform:

AI Fabric

Apply the limitless cognitive power of AI to any software that can be automated by RPA

AI and RPA are coming together to accelerate your Automation First journey.

AI Fabric will break down the barriers between RPA and data science teams and enable customers to instantly apply the limitless cognitive power of AI to any software currently being automated by RPA.

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Leverage an AutoML partner:

Build customized models with a data scientist delivery partner:

Customer-driven innovation

Co-pilot the UiPath AI product roadmap

Bring us your real-world problems

Working side by side with you, we understand the real-world business problems you want to solve. Working together, we can uncover your true business needs and find solutions to solve your biggest automation challenges.

Impact the entire UiPath product cycle

You help us define our product road map and get involved in the full product release cycle, from prototype to general availability.

Inform UiPath AI capabilities

We apply customer-driven innovation principles to all product lines. We validate product functionality, take feedback, and make sure our offerings are what the market wants and what you really need.

Let’s put AI to work on your business processes!

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