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Automate more processes by bringing AI into RPA

UiPath AI Strategy

See our vision for AI and RPA

When software robots can reason over data and use artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions, you unlock new possibilities that transform RPA—and entire industries.

Reach new levels of productivity. Expand automation into all sorts of new areas.​ We believe in the power of AI to transform. And also we’ve built AI into every part of the UiPath Platform. ​

UiPath artificial intelligence (AI) allows you to scientifically discover automation opportunities and enhance your robots with AI skills. Simply drag and drop these AI skills into your workflows and start automating more.​

Discover robot

1. Find more automation opportunities everywhere

Deploy Task Mining and Process Mining to scientifically uncover automation opportunities from across your enterprise​​. Build a fact-based high-ROI automation pipeline.

Build robot

2. Teach your robots to handle “thinking” tasks​

Enhance your robots with the skills needed to process documents, recognize dynamic interfaces, and make complex decisions. Start with our industry-leading AI skills:

Or choose to bring your in-house skills and get specialized offerings from our AI partner ecosystem.

Deploy robot

3. Insert AI into robots easily

UiPath AI Center lets you deploy AI with drag-and-drop simplicity​.

All AI Skills are available within UiPath Studio—drop them in like you would any activity.

Improve robot

4. Leverage learning loop​

Improve accuracy as new data arrives. Use both human validation and built-in retraining to improve robot and model performance​.

See for yourself! AI-Enhanced Automations – Combining Transformative Capabilities
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AI-Enhanced Automations – Combining Transformative Capabilities

Scientifically discover where you direct your automation budget

Get a holistic picture of your end-to-end process

UiPath Task Mining

Analyze the computer-based work people do (like data entry) to find everyday, repetitive tasks to automate.

See UiPath Task Mining

UiPath Process Mining

Analyze data from your line of business applications (e.g., ERP or CRM) to continuously understand and optimize end-to-end processes.

See UiPath Process Mining

Get best-in-class AI skills from UiPath and your own data scientists​

Leverage industry-leading UiPath skills or bring your own

AI Computer Vision

Lets robots interact with screens, including VDI elements and dynamic interfaces

Document Understanding

Teaches robots to read and understand different kinds of documents


Allows robots to have dialog with people

Custom skills

Developed by your own data scientists or third-party tools

Ecosystem skills

Developed by our global ecosystem of AI partners, available through UiPath Marketplace

And get additional AI skills, plus building and delivery, ​from our growing ecosystem of AI partners​

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Deploy and scale AI skills to thousands of robots

AI Center makes it easy to deploy AI—and to continually improve it

Automation Ops webinar

Seamlessly apply, scale, and manage AI

Use AI Center to bring new AI skills into Studio, deploy artificial intelligence into unlimited numbers of robots with one click, perform version control and updates, and support a feedback loop for constant improvement.​

Collaborating for automation

Examples of applying RPA and AI

Resume reviews

Reviewing thousands of job applications against openings can be labor intensive. AI goes beyond string extraction to even infer soft skills using natural language processing (NLP) on each resume's bullet points.

Resolving claims

Claims involve interaction with customers and back-end systems. Chatbots intelligently capture customer intent and work with disparate back-end enterprise systems to deliver faster resolution and improved customer experience.

Expense audit compliance

Checking if expenses comply with the travel policy guidelines is a process in almost every organization. Robots can automatically extract and classify information from different receipt types, validating against policy and ensuring compliance.

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AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030. Of this, $6.6 trillion is likely to come from increased productivity.

Expand your automation by expanding the AI in your automation