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With StudioX, process owners like you get a no-code tool to build automations. Companies get the governance they need. And lots more robots are around to do the repetitive, boring parts of work. Play Video Button

Build an automation in minutes​

With no-code drag-and-drop construction, a friendly interface, and pre-designed templates and scenarios, you could launch a robot on your lunch hour. Seriously.​

01 Build an automation in minutes

Automate the everyday work you do with everyday apps​

StudioX works with virtually every web app and desktop app (it's even natively integrated with Microsoft Office). It recognizes text, images, and fields—and it can move across apps to perform insertions, extractions, and more. ​

02 Automate the everyday work

Run it yourself, share it with others​

Your robot is deployed locally on your desktop. You control how to run and schedule it through UiPath Assistant. And you can easily share your automations with coworkers (who will be very grateful).​

03 Run it yourself

You get the oversight you need​

Centers of Excellence can set guardrails around what users can and can’t do. And an automatic audit trail helps ensure the quality and compliance of their Citizen Developer programs.​


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StudioX gives you the power to make your workday better

Imagine being able to delegate the work to copy, paste, post, lookup, check, insert, add, subtract, combine, match, alert, merge…


Fully functional project templates for a quick start


Native integration to Microsoft Office including pre-configured automations of frequent day-to-day tasks


A Project Notebook that lets you apply your Excel knowledge to automation


Simple scheduling of runs without re-opening StudioX, by using UiPath Assistant


Scenarios that show you best practices for automating common actions


Intuitive error handling so you can skip, retry, or stop if your robot gets stuck (hey, it happens)

Three ways to build great automations​

StudioX is part of the UiPath Studio family of products



From Your Own Idea to Your Own Robot: StudioX – The Business User Tool for Automation Development

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Three ways to build great automations​

StudioX is part of the UiPath Studio family of products


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