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Easily create process maps and documentation ​

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UiPath Task Capture accelerates business process documentation by recording your regular workflows in detail. Your auto-generated process maps will be ready to share—and for RPA or Citizen Developers to start automating.​

Easily create process maps​

Easily create process maps​

Start documenting your business processes step-by-step with either Diagram Builder or Task Recorder.​

 Add details and edit with ease​

Add details and edit with ease​

  • Leverage rich diagram and image editor capabilities​

  • Automatically detect and merge same-screen actions

  • Combine multiple documents into one

  • Comply with business standards by leveraging BPMN elements​

Share your process documentation​

Share your process documentation​

Get your documentation to the right teams by exporting to Microsoft WordUiPath Studio, or UiPath StudioX.

Accelerate your automation development​

Accelerate your automation development

Export your documentation to be used throughout your organization. Or publish your PDD and XAML files down through your automation pipeline. 

View additional details on our integrations with Automation Hub​, Test Manager, and Task Mining.​

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"Task Capture has provided us with a unified way of easily creating flowcharts to represent the high-level process flow. As a business analyst, I receive ready-to-go instructions which I then incorporate into the PDD."

Samuli Sipilä

RPA Business Analyst, Elisa

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All you wanted to know about creating, revising, and sharing process documentation.​

Discover processes from any angle​

Discover processes from any angle​

Complementary solutions that work together to accelerate automations and optimize processes:

Task Mining—analyze work people do to find everyday, repetitive tasks

Process Mining—analyze data from business applications to understand end-to-end processes

Task Capture—easily document and map business workflows

Automation Hub—centrally capture and manage automation opportunities and process improvements, prioritized by impact and ROI

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