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Document a process just by hitting “record”

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Task Capture comes along as you move through a work process you’d like to automate, taking screenshots and gathering data for each step. Then it pulls everything together into a Process Definition Document (PDD) or XAML file—ready for dev teams to start automating. Play Video Button
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Take a selfie of your work

Simply click “Capture Process” and start going through your regular workflow. Don’t forget to smile.

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Document work just by doing it

Task Capture automatically generates a process map from application screenshots and window names, along with titles and descriptions of each step.

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Edit the output with ease

If the auto-generated document needs some tweaks, no problem. It’s simple to enhance images, add notes, and change text.

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Export and share your process docs

Make it easy for development teams to get right to work by auto-generating a PDD or XAML file and exporting directly into Automation Hub (for CoEs) or Studio (for developers).



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Better task documentation expedites automation for everyone



Business users

  • Make your expertise count
  • Be ready for sharing and work handoffs
  • Fast-track an automation project

CoE leaders

  • Align business analysts and RPA developers
  • Build a complete library of process docs
  • Capture your most complex workflows

RPA Developers

  • Get documentation from process owners without churn or delay
  • Export workflows to Studio in seconds
  • Document existing automations, too


  • Transform your business
  • Be prepared for emergencies and audits
  • Build, keep, and share institutional knowledge

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Optimize your processes from every angle


Optimize your processes from every angle


How other companies use
Task Capture

“We really like how Task Capture and Automation Hub work together. When you create an idea in Automation Hub, it’s possible to download Task Capture and quickly document it, making it easier than ever to spread the automation word inside the organization.”

—Anssi Talarmo, Head of RPA, Elisa

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