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UiPath Test Suite

Make every robot and application strong and resilient

Automate and centralize testing to ensure the quality of every automation and application before they go live. Now you’ll be able to launch resilient robots and high-quality software—without testing your patience. Play Video Button

Automate tests in UiPath Studio Pro

Whether you’re testing RPA workflows, web apps, SAP, or mobile apps, Studio Pro has you covered with its drag-and-drop interface and hundreds of prebuilt activities.

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Manage tests with UiPath Test Manager

Our web-based interface expedites comprehensive test planning, requirements traceability, and defect reporting. It is simple to use and integrates with Atlassian Jira software.

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Execute tests with UiPath Orchestrator

Deploy, secure, and manage your test robots through Orchestrator, our centralized, production-grade automation management dashboard.

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Join the webinar: 360° Testing with the UiPath Test Suite

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RPA developers: build more, test better, fix never*
*Okay, hardly ever

Focus on building, not maintaining.

  • Generate tests right from your RPA workflows

  • Use testers’ automations as your starting point to speed robot development

  • Get test results back fast so you can fix issues before going live

  • Share a centralized library of automations and test cases

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Test teams: let the robots manage the monotony

Purpose-built to support continuous testing.

  • Automate testing of virtually any software application—old or new, and on any device

  • Ensure your tests are versioned and always in sync with application source code

  • Test even hard-to-handle legacy or virtualized applications with UiPath AI Computer Vision

  • Boost release velocity by integrating testing directly into the DevOps pipeline

  • Create tests faster by using RPA developers’ code to get started

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Transformation leaders: create a world-class automation practice

Manage an enterprise-wide automation program that puts quality first.

  • Centralize governance by using a common automation platform and approach

  • Ensure every automation you launch is resilient, compliant, and high-performing

  • Build automation momentum by sharing automations between test and RPA teams

  • Scale faster by sharing skills, experience, and automation resources across your organization

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Test better, test easier, test continuously with UiPath Test Suite