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Start automating today, grow as you need, and do it all without the expense and complexity of managing your own infrastructure. Thank you, UiPath Automation Cloud. Play Video Button

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Begin your proof of concept right now and move to production in days. It’s simple to sign up and start automating. And you can try it for free. 


Put the ‘hyper’ in hyperautomation

Launch as many automations as you can dream of. And then dream up some more. You’ll never run out of capacity or room to scale.
(What's hyperautomation?)


Focus on automation, not infrastructure

SaaS delivery means no upfront hardware and infrastructure costs, and lower TCO. You’ll pay only for what you need. Plus, you’ll always have the latest versions and the newest features.


Trust us, we’re secure

But don’t just take our word for it. UiPath Automation Cloud is Veracode and ISO 27001 certified by the experts. And it comes with guaranteed uptime and disaster recovery.



Expand automation across your organization while keeping centralized visibility into robot logs, access, and licenses.

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Enjoy simple, secure, centralized control

Deploy, manage, and optimize attended and unattended robots through a cloud-based Orchestrator service. Get enterprise-level control with tenant-based separation and encryption. Securely manage assets like shared credentials running on different robots.

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Choose the UiPath Automation Cloud that’s right for you and your automation ambitions

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For individuals or small groups*

  • Always free
  • Get two studios, plus one unattended robot and two attended robots—all managed from the cloud
  • Step up to Enterprise at any time if you need more


For larger organizations

  • Add as many robots and studios as you need, when you need them
  • Get enterprise-level support, guaranteed uptime, and multi-tenancy
  • 60-day free trial gives you five studios, plus five attended and five unattended robots
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The UiPath Automation Cloud: Security, Privacy, and Compliance

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"The UiPath Automation Cloud not only aligns with Chipotle Mexican Grill’s goals of being more cloud focused, but also it has given us the confidence that we can quickly build, implement and deploy meaningful automations throughout the Organization."

Colin McGuire · VP of Corporate Systems, Chipotle Mexican Grill

Start instantly, scale infinitely with UiPath Automation Cloud