Sorry, we’ve had to reschedule The Foundation of Innovation™ show


Your March 7* calendar has just opened up a bit.

But we do hope you’ll pencil us in for early May.

*March 9 for SGT, AEDT, and IST time zones

We’re moving UiPath Live: The Foundation of Innovation™. So, we won’t see you in March—but please plan to join us in early May for our next airing.

We’ll be in touch soon with all the details. In the meantime, we hope you do something fun with that extra hour on your calendar.



The fount of new enterprise value

Reflecting on his conversations with automation leaders around the world, UiPath Co-CEO Rob Enslin will share the benefits of enterprise-wide automation—and inspire us with automation-fueled initiatives that expand the art of the possible while delivering big business outcomes.

rob enslin headshot-1

Rob Enslin

Co-CEO, UiPath


The automation imperative

Drawing from the latest research and thought leadership, Maureen Fleming, Program VP, Intelligent Process Automation, IDC, makes the case for making automation the way you operate... and innovate.

Maureen Fleming

Maureen Fleming

Program VP, Intelligent Process Automation, IDC


Reaping real results

Fresh from the front lines, a UiPath customer recounts the major lessons learned—and the big value banked—by moving from tactical automation efforts to a strategic enterprise automation program.


Maximizing the Platform advantage

We welcome our new UiPath Chief Product Officer, Graham Sheldon, as he presents a candid view of the strategic intent behind past, present, and future innovations in the UiPath Platform for Business Automation.

Graham Sheldon_Headshot_Slack

Graham Sheldon

Chief Product Officer, UiPath


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