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Discover how IT automation streamlines IT operations and optimizes the value delivery pipeline.

Unlock IT process automation potential


average handling time reduction for identify and access management


reduction in server migration time


cloud vulnerability management workload reduction

Reinvent processes with IT RPA

Bring efficiency, speed, and expanded capacity to your IT department with robotic process automation (RPA). 

Automate across your IT ecosystem

It’s Time to Automate your IT Infrastructure
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It’s Time to Automate Your IT Ecosystem

See how automation can relieve IT staff from time-consuming, mundane work and set your organization up for transformational change.

See IT process automation in action

Maximize your automation test coverage

Minimize maintenance.  

Increase your team’s productivity and agility

Reduce the risks and costs of server migrations.

Keep pace with enterprise security risks

Automate responses to more cyber-related incidents and reduce overall cybersecurity team workload.

Increase your team and end-user satisfaction

Deliver great user experiences and cut handling times with agent support and AI-powered self-service.

Simplify IT operations


With technology like AI and chatbots, you can take the most frequent support requests off IT’s to-do list and shrink resolution times.


Each day, cybersecurity threats grow in scope and sophistication. Automation can help you manage a higher volume of alerts and accelerate your response.


Shifting workloads to the cloud can involve a lot of manual, repetitive work. Automation streamlines provisioning, configuring, and deployment tasks so you’re ready for whatever the future brings.


With automation, users can help themselves to the support and resources they need, and IT staff can focus more on the tasks that demand their expertise and skills—creating a more innovative and rewarding workplace for everyone.


Assign routine work like patching, upgrades, and testing to software robots to minimize disruption and to free IT staff for higher-value work.


Help the entire enterprise think and act as one by using automation to bridge the gaps between siloed systems—and deliver a single version of the truth for every department and user.

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Learn from IT leaders how automation drives enterprise transformation

Join AI expert and author Pascal Bornet and IT leaders from VMware, dentsu, Acushnet, and more as they explore the next frontier of automation.

End-to-end IT operations automation


Seamless data extraction

Software robots can read screens, navigate interfaces, and pull information from scanned documents—faster and more accurately than their human colleagues.


Drag-and-drop AI

With AI, software robots can emulate aspects of human decision making to streamline a wider range of financial and accounting processes. 


Unstructured data analysis

Data from different sources in different formats? Software robots can find the needed information and do what needs to be done.  


Task/process mining 

Which IT practices are the best candidates for automation? You don’t have to rely on intuition and educated guesses. Task Mining and Process Mining can help you discover your best opportunities. 

Start fast, start now

Get prebuilt automations and ready-to-go connectors that give you a head start on automating IT processes.

Let our technology bring more efficiency, capacity, and value delivery to yours