UiPath IT Automation

Stop doing repetitive IT tasks—let robots do them for you

IT teams are swamped with everyday activities that can (and should) be automated

Like onboarding or off boarding employees. Deploying virtual machines. Provisioning, configuring, and maintaining infrastructure. And on... and on... and on.

Today, people do this time-consuming non-strategic work. But tomorrow, robots can.

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Great things happen when you automate

No one knows better than IT professionals what automation can do for efficiency, speed, and performance:

free your people

Free your people from “keeping the lights on” so they can focus on work that drives the business forward

Build scalable

Build a more reliable, scalable, and agile IT infrastructure


Accelerate transformation by aligning IT with automation happening elsewhere in the enterprise​

Improve satisfaction

Improve all employees’ productivity and satisfaction with better responsiveness and self-serve options​

Watch how robots tackle those dreaded IT tasks…

Offload routine user management activities

Get a tireless helper to take on onboarding, unlocking, assigning groups, and more.

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Free your people from infrastructure and server management

Whether your environment is Azure, AWS, VMware, Citrix, or something else, a robot can handle VM deployment and management. And a whole lot more.

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Get a sentinel that never sleeps to help with cloud security orchestration automation & response

Robots don’t get tired or distracted, ever. So they’re always ready to respond to attacks, resolve vulnerability recommendations, and pave the way for supporting organizations with their security certifications (e.g. SOC, ISO).

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Make cloud resource management a breeze

When robots do the heavy lifting of managing cloud resources, mail, and users & groups, IT operations run much more smoothly.

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Built for the world’s toughest audience: IT professionals

No one has higher standards for automation solutions. Except maybe us.

Fits with all major platforms

Official activities packs include:

  • Active Directory
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • VMware vCenter ESXi
  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Exchange Server
  • Microsoft System Center

...and more

Fully supported by UiPath

Developed by UiPath; published on our official feed, with long-term support


Runs in the background, not via the UI

Easy integration

Built on top of vendors’ official APIs/SDKs

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Details in the Automation Brochure

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Simple to get, simple to use


Download from the UiPath official feed



Drag-and-drop design with UiPath Studio

Start easily with ready-to-use workflow templates

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Case Study

The IT department of a large European bank was fielding 1,600 requests per month to unlock user accounts.

In fewer than 4 weeks, they automated password resets 100%


  • 80% reduction in average hold time
  • 0% error rate
  • Positive ROI in <6 months

Look under the hood. Kick the tires.

Check out the official UiPath documentation to see how we’ve built automations that run like a charm.

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