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Seamlessly automate long-running business processes

Bring a human in the loop

Automate complex processes that require exceptions, escalations, and approvals by bringing a human into the loop to make required decisions.

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Organize your
robot escalations

When robots need help handling exceptions or making decisions, they pass the task to a human.

You can choose when and how robots do the handoff:

  • Robots create tasks automatically and pass them to you in a centralized inbox

  • Tasks are grouped into folders and as a task admin you can assign those to other people

  • Manage tasks from anywhere with the UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App




Orchestrate multiple
processes together

Use the native long-running activities in UiPath Studio to create long-running workflows. Robots are never idle. They’ll work on other things while they wait for you to complete your task.

This will let you:

  • Automate a much wider range of processes

  • Manage long-running workflows from a central location

  • Engage robots in new processes while human tasks are pending




Monitor processes
from beginning to end

Gain end-to-end visibility across business silos from a single platform to solve bottlenecks and improve decision making.

You will:

  • Monitor every long-running workflow as a single job spanning business units

  • Keep a consolidated view of all the processes robots are handling, including times and activities

  • Get summaries of every process carried out by robots and humans together
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