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Reallocate time to high-value work with legal automation

Use automation from UiPath to let the robots take on things like paperwork, database lookups, and legal research, so your legal teams can focus on mastering their matters and providing the best legal advice and advocacy possible.

These leading law firms and many others use UiPath for automation

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Analyst Report

The verdict is in: your peers have found for UiPath RPA

This PeerPaper report shows the many ways law firms are using—and benefiting from—UiPath RPA.

Refocus on the matters that matter most with use cases like these

  • GDPR compliance

    • Access and aggregate data and prepare a report detailing all personal information held on an individual​

    • Support self-service management of one’s personal data

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  • Trademark clearance

    • Look up keywords on clearance websites

    • Gather and classify results

    • Create and store aggregated reports for human review​​

  • Contract management

    • Extract key contract-related documents  from the cloud

    • Archive documents in an internal repository to support contract audits, confirm signatory powers, and more

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  • Export control

    • Automatically download sanctions lists from multiple sources daily​

    • Check user-submitted names against the lists and report back within minutes​

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  • Regulatory change monitoring​

    • Monitor key regulatory issues

    • Trace changes in public debate from initial submission to ratification and legal enforcement

  • Supplier, partner, and customer due diligence​

    • Search public databases for information related to a company’s good standing—financially and legally​

    • Pull information, save documentation, and create specific reports on demand


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Automate responses to queries about personal data​

  • Access and aggregate data and prepare a report detailing all personal information held on an individual​

  • Support self-service management of one’s personal data

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Still in the discovery phase for automation?​ Start here.

Learn what RPA can do for you, what you should automate first, and how to get started

Bring automation into legal operations ​quickly, securely, and non-disruptively​


Work with the technology you already have

Our robots use UiPath Document Understanding to handle documents like PDFs, scans, websites, and more. They can also emulate human keystrokes and clicks. That means you can use your existing applications and systems without disruption.


Keep your data safe​

Our technology encrypts data in transit and at rest, and UiPath robots don’t store it. Plus, you’ll always have a full audit trail. Learn more about UiPath security and privacy.


Use our pre-builds to build out faster​

Access ready-to-go components for Legal at UiPath Marketplace. And check out Activity Packs that make integration with popular solutions like DocuSign fast and easy.


Apply AI everywhere it matters

Use AI Center to give robots the skills they need to do things like performing research and compiling citations. And connect with machine learning and AI solutions and platforms—like Google, Microsoft, IBM, ABBYY OCR, and more.


Get fast, accessible automation for everyone

Anyone can learn to automate simple tasks for themselves and their teams with StudioX. And everyone can get a personal Assistant for repetitive tasks.

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Case Study

Taking 10,000 hours out of document prep

Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP, a leading corporate immigration law firm, uses UiPath robots to prepare flawless H-1B visa applications—so people can focus on delivering flawless customer service.

Trust us, we’re secure

One platform, thousands of automations. Built with trust.

Security, compliance, and governance are at the core of automation with UiPath. Manage and control RPA while preserving the freedom to revolutionize our business.

Discover Trust and Security at UiPath, including our privacy and data policies, our service status and 99.9% uptime guarantee, and latest security attestations.

Explore UiPath Trust and Security

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