Automate APIs and Build Custom Connectors

Rapidly Automate APIs and Build Custom Connectors


API integration and automation go together. Quick system connectivity via APIs is one thing. Creating automation, while bringing API connectivity into your most important business processes is another.

RPA developers benefit when able to seamlessly combine both API integration and automation capabilities within the same workflow. Companies with 100 plus of applications need integration scalability. Especially when they plan to provide every employee with their own robot. Streamlining connectivity across target systems is essential for accelerating automation delivery. And companies who equate automation with innovation (AI-powered automation), want to eliminate integration bottlenecks.

How UiPath Integration Service is helping companies automate faster and at scale is discussed and demonstrated this May 31, as part of the UiPath Dev Dives series.

What to expect

Login to the UiPath Integration Service (via Automation Cloud) and view the Connector Catalog. It contains about 60 prebuilt cross-industry connectors. All connectors are immediately available to help automate workflows across applications such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, and Adobe document services, to name just a ‌few. And yes, there is a growing collection of AI and ML connectors, including OpenAI for multi-use case text generation, and AWS SageMaker whose connector helps deploy ML models into UiPath Studio production workflows without code and time-consuming scripting.

You’ll learn how to easily create an API connection (and authorization) for integrating systems into an automated workflow. We’ll demonstrate the value of curation for both activities and event-driven triggers. You’ll understand how curation, for example, enables our Jira and Concur connectors to simplify automation connectivity while improving productivity for you, IT, citizen developers, and business analysts.

We’ll provide a short automation demonstrating how to quickly integrate UiPath Document Understanding, plus Concur integration, into an automated workflow, by extracting data from receipts to enable expense processing.

Additionally, the Integration Service connectors, for both Salesforce and OpenAI, will be incorporated into a lead-to-nurture workflow, designed to facilitate ongoing outreach to sales prospects. You can count on seeing ChatGPT in action. Need a connector for your current or next automation? We’re happy to share super exciting information, as well as a demo, about the Connector Builder for Integration Service. This powerful tool is designed to help you build your own API-based custom connector, as required by your automation.

How to join

If this sounds interesting to you, join us on May 31. Follow the links below to save your seat.  Don't forget to prepare your questions. ‌See you there.  Rapidly automate APIs and build custom connectors with Integration Service.

If you missed the previous Dev Dives sessions, the recordings are available. UiPath Dev Dives is a year-long interactive webinar series designed to empower automation developers and CoE teams to build smarter automations and scale up faster. Each month, Dev Dives aims to help you gain hands-on experience with the new capabilities of the UiPath Business Automation Platform. 


charlie greenberg uipath product marketing manager
Charlie Greenberg

Product Marketing Manager, UiPath