Join the UiPath Academic Alliance – Apply Today!

Dear Educator,


We value your contribution to society!


And thank you for your interest in joining the UiPath Academic Alliance. Together we will strive for a wonderful future and exciting career for your students!


UiPath Commitments:


  • Provide specially designed and developed RPA curriculum;
  • Knowledge transfer/training for the educators
  • UiPath RPA Platform (Academic Alliance Edition) for students and educators;
  • License UiPath Academic Alliance logo for curriculum promotion.

Your Commitments:


  • Assign 1 to 2 educators committed to teaching RPA;
  • Deliver a minimum of one formal, complete class annually;
  • Consider including the course in your regular curriculum either as required or elective;

Once you have accepted the agreement, we will soon get back to you with a confirmation and steps to get started!

Please ensure that you are authorized to accept the agreement, including the software license, on behalf of your institute.