Revolutionize operations with UiPath Insights real-time analysis



We're thrilled to unveil the latest feature of UiPath Insights: real-time monitoring. This innovative feature provides instantaneous analysis of business-critical KPIs via three dashboard templates and a customer alerting interface. By incorporating timely alerts, real-time monitoring provides users get notified exactly when their operations might be experiencing anomalies for quicker decision making. This feature marks a significant step in our journey towards transforming Insights into a comprehensive solution, aggregating all tracking data across the UiPath Automation Business platform.


UiPath Insights real-time monitoring includes three prebuilt templates for real-time monitoring of processes, queues, and machines. These templates guarantee a live view into UiPath Orchestrator activity, with the ability to apply filters to specific folders, processes, machine names, or queue names. This gives a comprehensive view of your Orchestrator jobs, queues, and machines in every possible state.

What sets real-time monitoring apart is its low data latency of around one minute for your jobs, queues, and machines' data, as compared to historical insights, which has a latency between 15 to 30 minutes. The real-time dashboard displays data for the last 30 days and provides an auto-refresh experience to make sure the dashboards are up to date with the most recent information.

Moreover, the real-time monitoring feature allows you to create and manage custom alerts for processes, queues, or machines, so that you can be immediately notified when a predefined trigger transpires. The alerting mechanism is critical to providing that all your most important operations are running promptly and drawing attention to areas that might need user intervention.

"It is great to have the ability to see relevant, real-time feedback all on one screen. We utilize many folders within Orchestrator, and real-time monitoring significantly improves our efficiency when overseeing all processes and queues." – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

Access to real-time monitoring

Only organizations that are on the advanced platform SKU will have access to this feature. Organizational administrators and Insights administrators have the rights to view and manage the real-time monitoring tab, pre-set templates, and configure alerts for a more streamlined monitoring experience. The dashboard displays data, processes, queues, and folders for which you have access permissions in the Orchestrator, while assuring compliance with data access and privacy rules.

Exporting data

For every widget available on the dashboard, there is an option to export the data to a CSV file, offering a more organized and comfortable way to manage and analyze data.

Real-time processes

There are four distinct filters, time range, folder name, process name, and machine name, that help to slice the data how best you see fit. The jobs success rate informs you of the jobs run, success rate, and average processing times. Also, there are sections for completed and uncompleted jobs, processes with the most failures, and job failures by reason for a further detailed analysis.

Real-time queues and machines

Like real-time Processes, you can filter real-time queues and machines by time range, folder name, and queue or machine name respectively. You can see the success rate, average processing times, completed and uncompleted queues, queues with the most failures, queue failures by reason, and more.

SLA prediction

Taking a step deeper, in the queues template, we can see an SLA predictions widget. This widget is based on the Average Handling Time (AHT) of each queue and the deadlines for items in the queue. This feature allows for better queue management and helps ensure that you meet your business-critical SLAs for your most important transactional processes.

UiPath Insights real-time monitoring is a powerful tool that optimizes process, queue, and machine management, helping businesses unlock their full potential. It drives improved decision making, fosters efficiency, and ultimately positions your organization for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from UiPath. Begin using UiPath Insights today.


Jack Miller
Jack Miller

Senior Product Manager, UiPath