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Citrix Automation. Keyboard Hotkeys

Note: This video is deprecated. Please see Citrix Automation and Advanced Citrix Automation for the newer versions. 

Automate Citrix via keyboard hotkeys - Citrix hotkeys.

You have already learned how to capture data from Citrix or Virtual environment by using a step by step recording technique, and how easy it is to capture data and automate Citrix environments by indicating an image reference and setting up a reference point for the click event.

This video will show how to extract data from a Citrix machine in a spreadsheet format. The captured data later can be used to be passed on to another application. The automation will show you how to copy the contents by sending a click and keyboard commands to the Citrix App.

The Process
1.       We used the Expense Type image as our starting point. Through this image, we are able to indicate the position of the mouse click event.
2.       We then send a keyboard hotkey command to highlight and copy the content of first cell by using the Select and Copy activity.
3.       To jump to another cell, we used the Tab key Keyboard activity.
4.       Then we repeat the step from number 2 to highlight and copy the content of the next cell.
5.       The Write Line activity captures and gives us the fetched data in the Output Panel.

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