18 March 2020

UiPath COVID-19 Update for Customers from CEO Daniel Dines

18 March 2020

UiPath COVID-19 Update for Customers from CEO Daniel Dines

Dear UiPath Customers,

As the coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) continues to spread, UiPath has a heightened awareness of our responsibility to our employees, customers, and partners. We have formed a task force to specifically monitor and manage the business implications of the COVID-19 situation, with two priorities:

  • To safeguard the health and safety of our employees and their families; and
  • To minimize the impact of the coronavirus situation on our customers

As a result of the outbreak, UiPath is implementing safety precautions which, in many cases, will impact our employees’ ability to travel. While we have not eliminated all travel, travel to high-risk locations has been suspended for our employees’ health and safety.


UiPath continues its strong commitment to support our customers. Should you have any questions regarding potential impact on any upcoming planned events and engagements with UiPath, please contact your local UiPath account representatives. For any unplanned support requirements, please follow the normal process.


We are monitoring the situation and will continue to update our approach as information becomes available from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local authorities. As the situation evolves, UiPath will continue to keep you updated on our travel policy. Our customers are our top priority, and will do our utmost to minimize the impact to your business.


Interested in learning how UiPath automation is helping track employee wellness? Read about our Health Screening Bot.


Daniel Dines, CEO

by Daniel Dines

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