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UiPath Delivers the Platform for Automation

November 17, 2020

Designed to deliver Day One Value to customers, the platform accelerates the Company’s mission to bring One Robot to Every Person and unleash the Fully Automated Enterprise

NEW YORK – November 17, 2020 – Combining simplicity and power to help customers become fully automated enterprises, UiPath, a leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, today introduced the next generation of the UiPath Automation Platform. The enhanced platform features new low-code capabilities that extend RPA from automating existing tasks to easily creating new business applications fast. These features, along with expanded cloud robot deployment options, are designed to make it faster to deploy enterprise automation solutions that bring people, robots, and systems together. UiPath continues to champion a Robot for Every Person by empowering employees to both engage in the automation process and benefit from working alongside robots every day.

We believe democratization of automation is at the forefront of any successful digital transformation strategy. While the concept of end-users creating their own solutions might not be new, organizations understanding the potential impact of seamless robotics-based automation with more powerful low-code tools is. With more than 100 new customer-driven features across the automation lifecycle –  from process mining to document understanding – we continue to deliver Day One Value to our customers as they expand their automation initiatives to become more efficient, responsive, and resilient.

Param Kahlon, Chief Product Officer, UiPath

Introducing UiPath Apps, a Robot-Powered Low-Code Application Builder

UiPath Apps is a web-based, drag-and-drop business application that combines the power of automation with the ease of low-code. It enables developers to build and deploy enterprise-grade applications that deliver rich and engaging end-user experiences. These range from a single form on a single automation, to rich, multi-screen interactive and responsive experiences running across multiple automations. They are built on top of various cloud and on-premises applications including ERP, CRM, as well as legacy systems without APIs.

By removing the roadblocks that inhibit software, applications, and people from collaborating effectively, UiPath Apps makes the universe of apps that can power new and existing processes virtually unlimited.

By making automation both easier and faster to deploy, UiPath Apps has the capability of significantly improving some of the most costly and time-consuming activities of the modern enterprise. With UiPath Apps, automation is becoming the application, enabling every employee to interact with robots. Instead of directly touching the myriad of apps and databases spread across an enterprise, employees will ask a robot to carry the task and work a process. This is just one example of how we will continue to make bold moves in building a scalable, enterprise-ready platform that helps customers become fully automated enterprises.

Daniel Dines, Co-Founder and CEO, UiPath

The Company has also announced a new UiPath Data Service that allows users to model and store business data directly in the UiPath Platform for easy access from the UiPath suite of products, including UiPath Apps. This keeps data centralized and secure, without the need for an external system to persist data.

Expands Cloud Capabilities with New Services, Certification, and Cloud Robot Initiative

Customers in the Automation Cloud™, the UiPath SaaS offering, now benefit from an expanding array of services including RPA management, AI, data storage, and low-code apps – all available instantly, updated every two weeks, and delivered at scale by UiPath. Tenants can be hosted in the U.S., Europe, or Japan for data sovereignty and performance purposes, and imminently in Australia and Canada. The Automation Cloud™ has also achieved System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) Type 1 certification, demonstrating a commitment to enterprise-grade security.

We’re thrilled that Automation Cloud provides efficient onboarding and immediate access to new capabilities. The new Action Center gives us real-time validation and processing, empowering our teams to quickly and easily classify and split unrecognized financial documents from hundreds of investment clients. Data Service allows us to centrally manage all document fields, store the extracted data from the processes, and generate valuable reports for auditing. This enables us to complete our end-to-end vision of automating complex and time-consuming document processing tasks. These new and powerful services work seamlessly with AI Fabric and the Document Understanding suite, which are the foundation of our intelligent processes.

Davendra Patel, Senior RPA Developer, Alter Domus

UiPath is also announcing new options for provisioning, managing and optimizing robots in the cloud. Cloud robots offer robot capacity that is scaled up and down based on enterprise requirements. This means that customers pay for cloud infrastructure services only when robots are processing and generating results.

Customers who choose to install and manage their own UiPath Orchestrator but run robots in leading public cloud environments can similarly now autoscale unattended robots via the new Unattended Robot Auto Scaling capability for Orchestrator, part of the Company’s leading IT automation investments. A similar solution for customers who want to autoscale their public cloud robots from the Orchestrator in the Automation Cloud is in preview, and rounds out the new cloud robot options.

Continuous Innovation of UiPath Automation Platform

In championing a Robot for Every Person, UiPath continues to add features that make it easier for employees to use automation in their daily work, as well as create their own automations. For automation users, the new Assistant experience and picture-in-picture mode powers seamless human-robot collaboration. For citizen developers, improved StudioX integrations with GSuite and Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as recorder enhancements, make it easier for tech-savvy employees to design automations that help with their everyday work, including manipulating data or working with documents.

In addition, this release features more than 100 customer-driven features designed to make it easier to manage an end-to-end automation lifecycle, automate more advanced processes, and increase the resiliency of automations. New and updated features across every stage of the automation lifecycle include:

  • Modern Automation, which applies advanced machine learning and triangulation to allow robots to better recognize what is on a screen and to keep on functioning even when screen elements move or change.

  • Object Repository, which lets users capture all the elements and screens the automated process accesses and stores them in a library where they can be shared and reused.

  • Enhanced AI offerings including support for on-premises deployments and retraining allowing customers to improve both included and custom machine learning models based on their actual real world data and use cases.

UiPath executives, including CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Dines, Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon, and Executive Vice President of Products and Engineering Ted Kummert, will discuss this latest product release during the UiPath Reboot Work Festival available to the public December 15-17. To register for this online event, please visit: https://www.uipath.com/events/automation-festival.

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UiPath (NYSE: PATH) is on a mission to uplevel knowledge work so more people can work more creatively, collaboratively, and strategically. The AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform combines the leading robotic process automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities to understand, automate, and operate end-to-end processes, offering unprecedented time-to-value. For organizations that need to evolve to survive and thrive through increasingly changing times, UiPath is The Foundation of Innovation™.

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