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UiPath Spearheads Adoption of Automation in the Legal and Compliance Field by Creating Legal Automation Task Force

July 21, 2020

UiPath, the leading robotic process automation (RPA) enterprise software company, today announces the creation of a Legal Automation Task Force to drive the development and implementation of end-to-end legal automation solutions in legal and compliance departments and corporations everywhere.

Ever since starting its accelerated growth as part of a disruptive and fast-growing software category, UiPath quickly grasped the tremendous potential of legal automation. Led by the Legal Automation Team, UiPath operated a pioneering digital transformation of its legal department, calibrating it to be fully suited for automation. Achieving increased efficiency, cutting processing time, and empowering an agile legal team proved to be one of the key ingredients supporting the onboarding of the UiPath international workforce as well as that of its global roster of clients in record time.

Working alongside software robots provided the Legal Automation Team with state-of-the-art expertise in the end-to-end automation of legal processes. Next, UiPath set up the Legal Automation Program to provide professionals in law firms and legal departments with the tools and know-how needed to design together new legal robots to support their and their customers’ operations.

With a mission to drive the adoption of automation at scale across the global market, the new Legal Automation Task Force relies on a dedicated team of RPA developers and is well positioned to add to the UiPath RPA platform roadmap specific legal-focused features at an early product development stage. That is why, it is well positioned to leverage the potential of technologies such as Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Document Understanding and Computer Vision to support the traditionally document-heavy operations typically performed by legal professionals.

Automation can support law firms perform a significant transformation of their business model, as it enables them to improve and expand their suite of products and services. That is why, the team’s focus will be to expand the UiPath partner ecosystem to cover legal and compliance services by establishing partnerships with key legal and tech vendors. This will allow UiPath to increase its existing portfolio of legal automation offering and develop highly customized solutions that benefit law practices and legal departments in terms of increased operations speed, cost efficiency, employee satisfaction, heightened process accuracy, and compliance.

Since creating its Legal Automation Program in 2017, the UiPath team and clients have had access to several categories of existing automations, which include:

  • Export control robots—which reduce business risk and improve legal productivity, whilst automating the validation of new parties and partners.

  • Regulatory robots—which compile regulatory changes, as well as automate the monitoring and updating of changes within the European Union (EU Parliament, European Commission) and the United States legal and regulatory requirements databases.

Conflict of interest robots – which automate conflict of interest disclosure and verification processes within an internal, searchable database, and reduce the time needed to identify conflicts from weeks to minutes.

  • Contract robots—which automate the identification of agreements that require legal review, accept or reject changes on standard templates and common clauses and allow l egal professionals to focus on reviewing and negotiating complex contracts.

Robottorney—legal enquiry chatbots that respond to common queries over email or internal chat tools a nd provide answers in real time, freeing up legal counsels to focus on more complex and strategic requests.

The UiPath Legal Automation Task Force will be led by Head of Legal Automation Vasile Tiple, the architect of the company’s Legal Automation Program. During his previous tenures as UiPath Legal Counsel, and that of General Counsel Vasile has been at the forefront of designing and implementing the company’s legal automation vision. In his new role, he will take full control of developing new licensing models, designing the go-to-market strategy for legal automation solutions , and identifying opportunities to improve legal and compliance processes.

We’ve develop ed our first legal robots to answer to our own pressing needs, which was a great incentive to think out of the box. Having to onboard eight to ten customers every working day, we needed to process fast large amounts of information, execute repetitive actions or develop new innovative ways of working, and software robots proved to be our allies. There are still many such time-consuming, paper-based processes that are mandatory for legal practitioners, which do not necessarily need to be performed by a lawyer. Instead, they can be entrusted to robots that can complete tasks up to five times faster and more secure, saving the company time, money and easing the strain on employees. By bringing automation to the legal and compliance industry, organizations can lay a strong foundation for simplified digitalization. We believe that the appetite of companies and law firms to adopt automation will soon translate into increased market competitiveness.

Vasile Tiple, Head of Legal Automation, UiPath Legal Automation Task Force

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