Cognizant and UiPath: working together with you to advance your digital automation journey

Break the routine and advance to the future

Businesses need new ways of operating that allow them to anticipate the future and adapt faster than ever to quickly changing market conditions. Cognizant’s Intelligent Process Automation practice (IPA) combining RPA with cognitive technologies, supports the design and creation of the end-to-end processes that make possible flexible and resilient modern operating models. By augmenting human experience with IPA, enterprises will be better positioned to unleash human potential and realize the full power of IPA.

Cognizant’s advisory, technology solutions, implementation and managed services maximize the power of the UiPath Platform. Their IPA practice works with clients wherever they’re at in their automation journey and helps them accelerate the pace of transformation and free up employee capacity to focus on driving higher value business results.

Cognizant collaborates with UiPath to combine deep contextual industry knowledge and technology expertise to help IT and operations design and build orchestrated processes.

The results speak for themselves

By the numbers...


vertical industries serving automation customers


citizen development power users and consumers

$15 million

savings in annual operational costs for U.S.-based credit card provider

Cognizant Digital Business Operations delivers value to clients through automation

Krishnan Iyer, SVP and Global Delivery Leader at Cognizant Digital Business Operations, shares how they’re helping clients transform.

Best practices to achieve the fully automated enterprise™

Clemmie Malley, Enterprise Automation Lead at Nextera Energy, and Mariesa Coughanour, Head of Automation Advisory at Cognizant, share how they’re creating outstanding outcomes across the enterprise.

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What can Cognizant and UiPath do for you? Work intelligently, unleash potential

Advisory Services—Accelerate. Simplify. Scale.

Create a sustainable framework to enable scale by establishing the right operating model and embedding change management.

Cognizant Industry Solutions - Reimagine work, with digital engineering

Our proprietary and partner solutions help you simplify, accelerate and expand automation—enabling end-to-end processes to create flexible, resilient operating models.

Implementation Services - Optimal results, delivered the way you work

A platform approach, where we integrate interconnected technologies to accelerate automation, optimize delivery, and improve repeatability and scalability while ensuring resilience.

Managed Services - Modern operating models. Flexibility to focus on your future.

Fully-managed outsourced automation services that give you flexibility in managing and scaling process innovation.

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Working with UiPath, we have harnessed the power of automation and AI to drive business outcomes, improve productivity and efficiency for our clients, extracting more value from existing systems and building new ones when needed. We look forward to our continued partnership.

Chakradhar “Gooty” Agraharam

Vice President, Intelligent Automation Practice, Cognizant

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Case Study

How Healthcare Organizations Unlock Productivity by Processing Semi-Structured Documents with UiPath Document Understanding and AI Center
See how Cognizant successfully used UiPath to help a leading New York-based healthcare provider achieve an advanced state of workflow automation.
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