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Elevate SAP Enterprise Resource Planning with RPA

SAP & UiPath

Make SAP software even better with RPA

The best way to enhance the world’s leading enterprise resource planning system, SAP, is to pair it with UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


Use RPA to expedite your S/4HANA migration, extend SAP’s value across your technology stack, let your employees focus on engaging work, and achieve true digital transformation.

SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver SAP Certified Integration with SAP S/4HANA

Create an RPA-assisted workforce


Automate data entry


Save time on content migration, report building, and data mining/extraction


Deploy Robots to handle data reconciliation and validation chores


Automatically trigger processes that require human intervention

Drive digital transformation in your enterprise


Integrate systems and processes in and out of your SAP ecosystem to streamline workflows


Focus on performance by tracking team output, productivity, and utilization


Complete repetitive, predictable tasks compliantly, securely, and accurately


Deliver better process consistency and enforceability, backed by a full audit trail

Accelerate S/4HANA migration with UiPath

Eliminate uncertainty and reduce labor for your S/4HANA migration.


  • Task a digital workforce to develop test scripts for you
  • Complete several months worth of test processes in days with RPA
  • Build trust and achieve 100% accurate testing
  • Make your tests the basis of post-migration process automation

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Tap into a massive market opportunity leading to new SAP offerings and revenue streams.

Achieve more in the automation first era

Together, SAP software and RPA create new opportunities to streamline productivity. UiPath makes it easy for organizations to design and deploy intelligent automation with minimal coding. Attended and unattended automation cases can be scaled across the enterprise fast to yield cost-savings, greater workflow efficiency, and reduced risk. Your digital workforce also opens the door to AI opportunities.

Leverage RPA to make SAP software the true centerpiece of your technology stack and begin blazing a trail into the automation first era.

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