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UiPath Automation Express is a free license that puts the power of industry-leading automation tools in your hands. Whether you want to start automating your own repetitive tasks at work or take the first steps to becoming an automation professional, UiPath Automation Express gets you off to a flying start.

UiPath Automation Express: Automate your repetitive tasks for free
Need some time back?

Need some time back?

Build and run your own automations through cloud-based low-code/no-code visual automation tools. Just a friendly interface, predesigned templates to drag and drop, and all the integrations you need for the apps and systems you work with every day. Your daily SAP budget analysis? Consider it done! 

Automate your daily tasks

Automate your daily tasks

What can Automation Express automate? Almost anything you do on your computer. Individual automation is great for things you do often. For example, taking selected data out of one system and putting it into another, updating documents and preparing reports, or filing invoices. Anything that slows you down or is a joy killer in your day-to-day work.

Great for users

Anyone can get Automation Express as part of the free plan and start automating. The free plan includes Automation Express as well as a cloud-based infrastructure to manage individual automations.

Great for the center of excellence (CoE)

Automation Cloud™ Enterprise customers get an allocation of free licenses that they can distribute within their existing Automation Cloud™ organization. Admins can see all Automation Express users in one group and upgrade them as they wish.

Licensed for commercial use

Automation Express can be used for commercial or non-commercial use, whether you download the free plan from the website or are using an enterprise subscription to Automation Cloud™.

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