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Commercial use

Commercial use

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Developer licenses

3 Developer licenses (Studio, StudioX, Studio Web), 25 Automation Express licenses

25 Automation Express licenses (access to StudioX, Studio Web, Attended Robot)

2 Developer licenses (Studio, StudioX, Studio Web)


1 Unattended, 1 test, 2 Attended, Up to 12,000 Serverless Robot Units per month, AI Units


1 Unattended, 1 test, 2 Attended, some Serverless units

UiPath products

Integration Service, AI Computer Vision, Apps, Data Service, Document Understanding, Insights

Integration Service, AI Computer Vision

Integration Service, AI Computer Vision, Apps, Data Service, Document Understanding


Professional UiPath

UiPath Forum only

UiPath Forum only

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Master Evaluation Agreement
Master Evaluation Agreement
Community Agreement


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On-premises Enterprise trial

The 60-day on-premises Enterprise free trial offers access to powerful automation tools designed for deployment on your infrastructure.

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Studio trial

This 60-day trial provides access to UiPath Studio and StudioX for designing and developing automations, as well as an Attended Robot to assist with everyday tasks. This trial does not include any other UiPath products.

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