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UiPath Explorer

Use AI to identify the best automation opportunities

Greater impact

Increase the impact of your RPA program with Explorer, our data-driven Process Understanding product family.

  • Utilize a data-driven approach to identify and prioritize the best automation

  • Uncover deep process knowledge from the experts who know those processes best

  • Bridge the gap between your process experts and RPA developers with detailed design documentsso you can start automating faster

The Explorer family features Explorer Enterprise and Explorer Expert—two powerful products to help you identify the best automation opportunities

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Get started  with  Explorer Enterprise

A scientific approach to planning your automation strategy organization-wide 

Explorer Enterprise

Give your core automation team the ability to  capture, analyze, and prioritize processes run in any department for automation with Explorer Enterprise. 

Here’s how Explorer Enterprise works:

  • Set up easily in Orchestrator, and share the Explorer admin console with your users

  • Utilize AI to analyze the tasks that make up the processes across your organization to construct scientific, data-driven process maps

  • Configure settings, and view processes and user statistics from the central admin consoledirectly within UiPath Orchestrator

  • Start automating the processes that will deliver the highest ROI, based on process KPIs, automation suitability, and other analytical metrics

  • Export with one click to Process Definition Documents (PDDs), Workflow Diagrams, and automation prototypes

Dig deeper with  Explorer Expert 

Transform expert knowledge into organizational insights 

Explorer Expert

UiPath Explorer Expert works side by side with your employees to get the deepest insights about your company’s processes.

Here’s how Explorer Expert works:

  • Enable your experts to capture in-depth process details by generating screenshots, step-by-step descriptions, and detailed annotations

  • Bridge the gap between the process experts and RPA developers with one-click export to PDD or XAML

  • Work seamlessly with Explorer Enterprise and Connect Enterprise, taking both your top-down and bottoms-up automation strategies to the next level

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