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Industry:High Tech

Region:North America

Wunderman Thompson MSC Improves Efficiency by 30% with UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform Deployment

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automated: Demand Generation using event management platform


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By deploying the UiPath Platform, the technology production company has achieved improvements in productivity and quality.

Headquartered in Boston, Wunderman Thompson MSC is the leading technology production company worldwide, with 12 production centers and six regional centers. The company has a global network of 2,000+ experts providing end-to-end solutions in this specialized domain. Wunderman Thompson MSC is part of the Wunderman Thompson network, which is headquartered in New York and has 200 offices across 90 markets with a workforce of 20,000+ employees.

The Beginning of Robotics Journey at Wunderman Thompson MSC

Our global clients at Wunderman Thompson MSC leverage several marketing automation platforms to deliver highly personalized and connected experiences across digital channels to their customers. However, a lot of manual effort is required to create and integrate these experiences across platforms. As the marketing stack gets sophisticated on the client side, the workload increases for delivery teams responsible for the last mile execution. We wanted to explore an innovative approach to solve this problem where we are able to “Do more with less” on the client’s business and also make the life of the workforce easier says Lav Deep Singh, Managing Director, Asia Pacific.

While attending the company’s global summit in the USA, Lav Deep was introduced to the concept of RPA technology that he realized could be useful if deployed strategically. He understood that it had the potential to transform the business and make life easier for everyone. He also recognized that employees could be made more empowered and productive and processes could be more efficient and faster.

“I found that very fascinating. Being on the operations side of the business, I thought we should really take advantage and see how we can bring this technology and use it in our business. Once we zeroed down on the idea, we started evaluating different automation platforms. We brought in an automation tool and re-engineered our processes. A lot of mundane platform-based execution is now being taken care of by UiPath Platform,” says a visibly satisfied Jaspreet Bhatia, Director, Marketing Automation.

Process Targeted for RPA Implementation

At Wunderman Thompson MSC, UiPath Platform has been implemented towards aiding automated execution on a specific platform used for demand-gen activity. Around 30% of the processes were re-engineered to accommodate for RPA implementation.

Quality was also one of the important factors behind using RPA, we have been able to minimize the chances of error by automating processes with higher level of risks. When you use RPA, the chances of errors are reduced greatly.

Lav Deep Singh • Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Wunderman Thompson MSC

The company aims to achieve around 30% improvement in productivity by introducing RPA on specific processes that qualify for RPA implementation resulting in faster turnaround times and improved accuracy.

Why UiPath for Wunderman Thompson MSC’s Automation Needs

The organization conducted POCs with all the three leading RPA vendors globally but UiPath Platform could meet the requirements that the company was looking for due to the complexities of the marketing automation tools and processes. On the other hand, UiPath engineers can successfully capture all elements from the business process and use the RPA platform functionalities to automate them.

We just picked up the top three companies from Gartner's Magic Quadrant. UiPath was clearly the winner due to the ease of use of the UI interface, coupled with integrations with different applications which was readily available off-the-shelf. We found that UiPath is more user-friendly. It also had those inbuilt DLL libraries that were quite compatible with the tool sets that we leveraged because of inbuilt functionalities. Those were the key reasons we zeroed down on UiPath.

Lav Deep Singh • Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Wunderman Thompson MSC

Use-case Deep Dive: Event and Campaign Management

The company has a team of digital production specialists focused on creating “Events” used as a demand gen tactic. We create hundreds of events every month and spend anywhere between 2-5 hours per event depending on the complexity and nature of it. Typically, marketers would send the information about the set-up of the event including details like date, time, venue, capacity, location and other parameters as part of the basic configuration, followed by registration form details and email communication details. Setting up this entire experience requires a lot of data to be moved from the request forms to platforms where the delivery of events happens. Some of the steps involved here are highly manual in nature and with some deep level of process re-engineering we can enable these steps to qualify for automation thus creating a blanket event with basic details which gets automatically routed to the specialists who can further configure the platform for event delivery.

That is where the UiPath Platform came into play. Using the RPA platform, we're able to automate these highly manual steps, thus saving time and delivering high quality.

RPA Implementation Exceptional at Wunderman Thompson MSC

Wunderman Thompson MSC is excited about the future of this technology and is looking forward to experiments across the spectrum of technology production domains to explore use cases that can further be built into full blown solutions.

“Our teams are fascinated to see how this technology helps them in their day to day work. The motivation level has also gone up because the mundane work which ideally is part of the process is now done by BOTS. They feel more empowered to decide if they want to spend the freed-up time on client business to deliver more value OR learning new skills that will help them professionally. On the business side, it would help us get more innovative, efficient and productive“ adds Lav Deep.

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