UiPath Academy FAQ

Training FAQ

Getting started


Q: Where can I find a list of available training and course descriptions?

A: The complete list of training is available here.

Q: What are the available certifications?

A:  The complete list of UiPath certifications is available here.

UiPath Academy sign up and course enrollment


Q: How can I sign up with UiPath Academy?

A: Click here and fill in the sign-up form. An activation email will be sent to your email address (please use your company email for registration). Click on the activation link and you will be redirected to the UiPath Academy platform.


Q: What are online self-study classes and how can I enroll?

A: Self-study classes are available through our massive open online courses platform. These self-led classes can be completed at your own pace.

You can enroll in the available courses from the UiPath Academy Homepage, by clicking “Enroll” on the course you wish to take.


Q: Are there any prerequisites for the Orchestrator module?

A: Yes, the Orchestrator Training is part of a Learning Plan. You must graduate the RPA Developer Foundation Training to be able to unlock and enroll in the Orchestrator module.


Q: What is a Learning Plan?

A: The Learning Plans consists of a list of courses that the user must follow in a specific order.


Q: What are the biweekly Q&A sessions for and how can I attend?

A: Our team of experts is conducting a biweekly 1-hour Q&A webinar, to answer any questions/issues encountered during training.

Webinars take place every two weeks, on Wednesdays; you may find the details for the online conference in the Webinars section, on the UiPath Academy home page.


Q: What are the themed webinars and how can I attend a session?

A: Themed webinars are ad-hoc training sessions delivered online by one of our RPA Experts. These webinars focus on exploring a certain topic (feature, technology) in-depth, helping the participants improve their skills and enrich their knowledge.   

Available themed webinars will show in the Webinars section, on the UiPath Academy home page.

Notifications about upcoming events will be sent to signed-up users. Additional notifications may be sent to non signed-up users, depending on the topic.


Q: How will I be informed of new product releases?

A: Release notes are available on our website. Additionally, the instant and monthly subscription options will trigger notifications when a new release is available. For major releases, public/open webinars will be organized.


Q: How should I prepare for a technical training?

A: All the trainings include practical exercises that require access to UiPath Studio. Download the UiPath Community Edition prior to starting the training.

Note that the RPA Developer Foundation Training completion is a prerequisite for enrolling in any advanced classroom training courses for RPA Developers.

Pricing and Payment


Q: What is the cost per training and how can I pay?

A: All self-led beginner trainings available via UiPath Academy are free of charge. 


Q: What is the cost of the RPA Developer certification exam and how can I pay?

A: Please contact our Sales department for the pricing model available for the RPA Developer certification exam.

General information


Q: How do I recover my password or username?

A: You can recover your account details by using the “Forgot password” option available on the UiPath Academy Sign In page.

Q: How can I update my email address?

A: You can update your email address from the “Show Profile” section.

Q: What do I do if the course status doesn’t get updated?

A: If the course status doesn’t get updated, please contact us.

Q: What should I do if I don’t receive the account registration email?

A: If you don’t receive an email notification, please contact us.

Q: Where can I report any other technical issues that might arise with the courses?

A: For technical support, please contact us.

Certification FAQ

Certification benefits


Q: Why should I become UiPath certified?

A: The UiPath certification establishes you as a competent, knowledgeable and skilled professional in the RPA field. A differentiator against the competition, this certification will give you the tools to draw upon when needed and will get your foot in the door in this new area.

Certification process


Q: What are the available certifications with UiPath?

A: The only available certificate offered by UiPath is the RPA Developer Certificate.


Q: How can I enroll in the RPA Developer Certification?

A: In order to enroll in the RPA Developer Certification, please contact our Sales department.  


Q: What are the prerequisites that need to be met prior to the RPA Developer Certification exam?

A: There are no prerequisites for this examination, however we strongly recommend you to have previously completed the RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan available on UiPath Academy.


Q: What is the fee for the RPA Developer Advanced Certification?

A: There is a certification fee applied per individual user. Please contact our Sales department for the pricing model available for this certification.


Q: What does the RPA Developer Advanced Certification exam consist of?

A: The RPA Developer Advanced Certification exam is organized into 2 parts: the first part is an online quiz, with a minimum passing score of 70%; the second part involves a practical webinar conducted by one of our RPA Experts, and the passing score is 70%. Only candidates who have passed the online quiz are eligible for the practical examination. Typically, the practical session takes place minimum 3 days after the online test.

The practical examination takes place under the form of a webinar with maximum 5 other participants for a period of ~3 hours.

Q: What is the timeline to receive the final results on the certification exam?

A: If you failed the first preliminary certification online test you will be immediately notified by the platform. This means that you will not be eligible for being enrolled in the next session for the practical exercises.

If you passed the preliminary certification online test you will be automatically enrolled into the next practical session. Once the practical session has been completed you will receive an official email notification with the final results, within 14 working days.


Q: What is the retake policy for the RPA Developer Advanced Certification?

A: The RPA Developer Advanced Certification is instructor-led. Any instructor-led certification exam has a maximum number of two tries within the established price of certification. The user who failed in the first place to pass the exam will be allowed to enroll again - but only 1 more time - within the same price and within a timeframe no shorter than four weeks.


Q: When can I schedule my certification exam?

A: The certification exam is scheduled and agreed upon upfront with the UiPath Training Coordinator based on the availability of UiPath experts. UiPath reserves the right to reschedule certification exams and will notify the participants as early as possible.

General information


Q: How can I prepare for the certification exams?

A: We strongly recommend that you complete the Level 1 - Foundation Training and Level 2 - Orchestrator Training.


Q: When do I receive my exam results?

For instructor-led examinations, results and feedback will be shared directly by the UiPath Trainer, in maximum 10 days from the completion of the exam.

Q: Where can I see/download my diplomas and/or certifications?

A: You can see your diplomas and/or certifications on the UiPath Academy platform, under My Activities - Certification, and you can download a pdf copy by clicking on the badge button available next to the certification name.

Q: What is the validity of the RPA Developer Advanced Certification?

A: The RPA Developer Advance Certification is valid for 1 year.

Q: What if I need to reschedule or cancel my exam?

A: In order to reschedule or cancel an exam, please contact the UiPath Training Coordinator.

Q: How can I renew my certification?

A: In order to renew your certification, please contact your UiPath Sales Account Manager.

Q: Why do I need to renew my certification and does the standard certification process apply?

A: The RPA domain is growing very fast and our team is continuously working on developing new features and solutions. This makes our products and solutions highly dynamic, which requires a constant upgrade on the UiPath certified professionals’ side as well.

The certification renewal process comes as a necessity, to ensure that all certifications attest the holder’s knowledge on the full spectrum of UiPath technology and solutions. The process is simplified and focuses primarily on the product new features.

Q: How can I get a report with the UiPath certified users within my company?

A: Reports can be requested by your company RPA Project Sponsor via contact us.

Q: If I have any other certification-related questions, who should I contact?

A: For any additional information please contact us.