UiPath Academy FAQ

Getting started with UiPath Academy

Q: Do I need an account to access UiPath Academy?

Yes, you do. With an account, you can enroll in courses and learning plans and consume them over multiple sessions. All your achievements (badges and diplomas) will be maintained, and you’ll be able to mark courses for later enrollment.

Q: Why should I create an account when there are so many other open learning resources about UiPath out there?

We, at UiPath, feel fortunate that so many people are creating learning content around the UiPath Platform capabilities. Some of them are just as good as UiPath Academy.

UiPath Academy’s value proposition comes from the following:

  • Our unique role-based education approach, where we’re helping learners identify their best career path and then offer the content.

  • The coverage of all the UiPath Platform components, not just the core RPA capabilities. This includes API automation, test automation, document understanding, data mining, and so on.

  • Direct access to the latest advancements of the UiPath Platform.

Q: Can I use my existing UiPath account to access UiPath Academy?

Yes, you can. The UiPath account you created for Automation Cloud or for the other UiPath services can be used on Academy too.

Q: How can I sign up to UiPath Academy?

  • Fill in the sign-up form using your company email (if you are an enterprise employee) or your personal email address. You will receive the activation email shortly, or

  • Use your social login for Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn-based accounts. Please note—if you use social login, your password is managed by the social account, not by UiPath Academy.

Q: Are there any costs for UiPath Academy?

All UiPath Academy courses and learning plans are currently free of charge.

The UiPath Academy content

Q: Where should I start learning?

If you’re looking to use automation in your career, we recommend taking our Gen AI-powered Career Guidance Survey on the Academy Home Page. If you want to find out more about what the UiPath technology is and can do, Automation Starter is the best place.

Q: There are 3 pages: Courses, Learning Plans, and Career Paths. What’s the difference between them?

Companies getting the highest ROI out of automation are those who hire and train the right automation practitioners, such as developers or business analysts. Career Paths is the place where you can find out more about automation roles, skillsets, and learning journeys.

A course is a learning unit built around a specific learning goal related to a UiPath technology (Excel automation), component (UiPath Document Understanding), or capability (Error and Exception Handling).

A learning plan combines multiple Academy courses necessary to reach a certain level in a role-based career path (for example, Automation Developer Associate, Specialized AI Professional, and so on).

Q: What are the roles that UiPath Academy offers content for?

Our approach to role-based education is research-driven. There are currently 5 roles for which the research has been finalized: Automation Developer, Automation Business Analyst, Specialized AI Professional, Automation Infrastructure Engineer, and Automation Solution Architect. We’re already working on the next batch. You can monitor the Career Paths page to stay up to date.

Q: Do you offer certifications in automation?

The UiPath Certified Professional is a high-stakes certification program designed to help you advance your career in business automation solutions across industries.

There are currently 6 certifications in the program:

  • UiPath Certified Professional Automation Developer Associate

  • UiPath Certified Professional Automation Developer Professional

  • UiPath Certified Specialized AI Professional

  • UiPath Certified Automation Business Analyst Professional

  • UiPath Certified Professional Automation Solution Architect Professional

  • UiPath Certified Professional Test Automation Engineer Professional

 Find out more about them from the Certifications page at http://UiPath.com

Q: How do I get UiPath Certified?

Discover more on the Certification FAQ page.

Q: What’s the difference between certifications, badges, and diplomas?

The certifications are high stakes, obtained following proctored exams. Find out more about them from the Certifications page at http://UiPath.com

Badges are digital credentials tied to an accomplishment, giving you verified credibility. There are several types of badges e.g., for certifications, for learning plan completion, or for completing a certain challenge. The learning plan badges are typically obtained by going through the content and passing an assessment. Find out more about them from the Digital Credentials page at http://UiPath.com

Diplomas are issued at the end of most of the courses on the UiPath Academy, demonstrating your completion of the courses.

Q: Where can I find more information about the courses and learning plans on UiPath Academy?

A full overview of the Academy training catalog is available on the Resources page. You can access the slide deck here.

Q: How can I stay up to date with what’s new on UiPath Academy?

We release new courses and learning plans often. Follow the in-app notifications to stay up to speed. You can find the notification icon on the upper right side, near your username initial.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Q: What should I do if I don’t receive the account registration email?

The registration email might be filtered by your email service. Please check your spam/junk folder. If you’re still unable to locate it, please contact us.

Q: Why can’t I log in to UiPath Academy?

Before signing in to UiPath Academy, please start a new browser session and clear your cache and cookies. Please use your active email address for logging instead of a username. If you don’t remember your login credentials, please reset your password. In case you didn’t receive the reset email, check your spam folder.

If you have initially logged in using a social login (Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn), you cannot revert to logging in with username and password. You must use the same social login method.

Please note that, if you use social login, your password is managed by the social account, not by UiPath Academy (you must reset your password in Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft etc.).

Q: How do I recover my password or username?

If you don’t remember the login credentials, please reset your password. If you don’t receive the reset email, please check your spam/junk folder.

Please note that, if you use social login, your password is managed by the social account, not by UiPath Academy (you must reset your password in Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft etc.).

Q: I have two UiPath Academy accounts. Is there a way to merge them and keep my progress and achievements?

Yes. Please raise a ticket here and select the Account Merge option under the Academy category.

Q: How can I update my email address?

To update your email address, go to your Academy account -> click on the Account Circle in the top right corner -> Account Settings -> Update your primary email field -> Update.

Q: Why has my course progress been lost after exiting the course, and how do I fix this issue?

Your course progress might be lost if you are using:

  • Web browsers aside from Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Opera

  • VPNs

  • Browser extensions that are stopping the browser from tracking activity for confidentiality and security reasons (e.g., Privacy Badger, Https Everywhere, etc.)

Please disable the aforementioned blockers and reload the page. If you still cannot access your course progress, please contact us.

Q: Where can I report any other technical issues with the courses?

Should you experience any technical issues that require support, please contact us.