Nordic Public Sector

The Power of RPA: Enhance Nordic Citizen Services and Public Sector Efficiency with Automation

How RPA is Powering Digital Transformation in the Nordic Public Sector

Delivering excellent customer service is at the heart of every government institution; in the Nordic region, automation has already started to show proven benefits.

The Path to Digital Government

In the latest UiPath public sector white paper, you will learn:

  • What the common challenges are facing governments, for which Robotic Process Automation (RPA) presents a solution
  • How some of our government clients have already gone about optimizing processes with RPA
  • What have been the results of automation for these clients
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Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark

Public Sector

RPA improves the lives of employees and citizens for the City of Copenhagen

Read about the Copenhagen Municipality RPA Success Story and how the city council assembled a digital workforce that saves 8,500 hours per year.

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Rasmus Stisager - Team Lead of CoE from Copenhagen Municipality talked about how UiPath is being part of the automation process project.

Since November 2015, Copenhagen Municipality started with UiPath to automate more than 60 processes from social services to employment services as well as HR and Financial processes to benefit their employees and improve the quality of services.

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Trelleborg Municipality, Sweden

Public Sector

UiPath Helps Swedish Citizens Regain Self-Sufficiency

Learn how UiPath Enterprise RPA helped Trelleborg Municipality automate critical welfare support decision processes, which reduced the department’s response times.

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Automating administrative tasks in the Trelleborg Municipality (1/2)

The Trelleborg Municipality in Sweden implemented UiPath RPA robots in order to automate administrative tasks. This led to administrative time savings of no less than 79% in the Social Services department and 95% in the Labor Market department.

Automating administrative tasks in the Trelleborg Municipality (2/2)

From Spring 2017 until Fall 2017 there were more than 6,500 transactions automated by UiPath Robots. Besides obvious cost and time savings, automation also allowed employees to use their resources in value-added services that focused principally on citizens.

Automation is Enabling Digital Transformation in Governments Around the world

As we look at the global government industry, there are 3 challenges of highest interest to government leads in countries across the globe.


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