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Now more than ever, businesses need to have the latest, most accurate information at their fingertips. In today’s market, if your business cannot keep up its information infrastructure, it will suffer. SAP automation with UiPath may be what your enterprise needs in order to build a solid foundation on which 
to conduct business. As the nature of business changes, SAP software is becoming increasingly crucial. The days of error-filled databases and inaccurate information are already over for the largest corporations. Bring your business up to date with SAP automation from UiPath, and stay competitive in an ever-changing world.

SAP UI Automation
made incredibly easy

Using UiPath is simple and straightforward. There’s no need to know a programming language or employ expensive tech professionals. UiPath’s robots can be trained by business analysts to take over. Once trained, robots will run indefinitely with fewer errors than staff and at a lower cost.
UiPath Robotics comes with built-in monitoring, so your data-entry workers can spend their valuable time proofing the work that’s already been done, rather than typing the same data over and over. This will not only lead to increased employee retention and work satisfaction, but also to fewer errors, little overheads, and higher profits.

Citrix-compatible SAP GUI Automation

UiPath fully supports Citrix-based enterprise SAP software and flawlessly automates GUI elements, like key presses and mouse clicks. This software delivers results that no data entry professional, no matter how fast or experienced, will match. UiPath’s SAP automation is fast, flawless, and easy to implement across nearly every platform.

Maximum reliability
saves man-hours

The simple fact is that workers make mistakes. No matter how well trained, intelligent or experienced a person is, the element of human error comes into play. Your SME cannot afford errors when it comes to your SAP database. Businesses that switch to UiPath for their SAP automation will notice fewer errors in their back end and more informed management and sales staff because of it. No enterprise business, 
regardless of size and number of staff, wants to waste man-hours correcting mistakes. SAP automation with UiPath will cut down on those mistakes, thus reducing your company’s FTE while improving the quality of data that you collect and store. At the end of the day, UiPath will save you money and reduce staffing costs. This is guaranteed and is already happening around the world.

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