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Michael McCormack

Vice President (VP) of Product Design - UiPath

Michael McCormack is the Vice President (VP) of Product Design at UiPath. He has been designing software professionally since 1995. In that time, he has worked on projects including enterprise development projects, internet startups, retail, consumer, and some of the largest software products and services in the world.

Most recently, McCormack's focus has been on creating teams that design fantastic software for all users, consumer, business, and developer software. McCormack started his career in design leadership, where he created the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Experience team. Then he designed the first user experience and design team for the Microsoft Data Platform Division. Before joining UiPath, he stopped by to redesign the Amazon retail search experience.

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Product and Updates

March 29, 2021

UiPath Products Have a New Look: Introducing Apollo, Our New Design System

Learn more about Apollo, the new UiPath design system providing a cohesive, simple experience across all UiPath products.

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