Introducing a New Option for Quick and Easy Buying

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Did you ever find yourself waiting for the procurement team to get the approvals needed to kickstart your project? Did this mean months lost on your project timeline?

When you have a development team standing by and ready for action, any day of delay is a day that they could be handling automation projects for your team.  

Or perhaps you are part of a two-person team who fell in love with our trial, but you don’t know how to continue once the trial period is over.  

Introducing our new, direct buy option 

Now, you can try UiPath Automation Cloud™ for enterprise free for 60 days with no commitment—and once you’ve seen how our robots free you up to focus on what matters, you can buy them online with flexible monthly plans.   

Starting with the United States (U.S.), and coming to other markets over the next few months, UiPath direct buy offers let you choose from three new packages optimized for customers. The packages start with robotic process automation (RPA) for three popular situations:  

  • Automation developer 

  • Unattended automation 

  • Automation team   

Of course, for our large organizations looking for an enterprise, on-premises deployment, our traditional purchase paths remain available and our sales teams are on standby waiting for your call.  

See our pricing plans here.

A new option for quick and easy buying 

The more options available for you to start automating, the better. So right now, you can experience UiPath technology in various ways, suitable for different types of needs and environments.  

  • Automation Cloud for community is suited for non-commercial use in companies under $5 million USD annual revenues and under 250 seats, with Forum support and a single tenant.  

  • Automation Cloud direct buy is best suited for small departments or small-to-medium companies getting started with automation, looking for multiple tenants and dedicated support.  

  • Enterprise solutions are for large enterprises or companies looking for a comprehensive platform that fits their needs. Whether in the UiPath cloud, their own dedicated cloud, or on-premises, with support packages, this offers the best solutions UiPath can offer. 

Why direct buy?  

First and foremost, because it is convenient. You are buying a pre-packaged starter plan, with a credit card payment, that will renew monthly. No other departments need to be involved with your purchase, and no complicated agreements need to be signed.  

With this fast buy path, you get enterprise-grade software that comes with support and reliability attached. Not only do we attach our uptime guarantees to it, but you also get the option to host your robots in any tenant your business requires.  

And, finally, because we are fully flexible. You can add or remove direct buy options from your organization and work with a UiPath representative to tailor the best possible enterprise solution for your needs. While this may be your first step in automation, we can assure you that it will not be your last.  

Three steps to the start of your automation journey 

  1. Create your Automation Cloud account—this is where the magic happens, and where you gain access to all that UiPath has to offer 

  2. Select the plan that best suits your needs 

  3. Process the payment and start automating  

Endless automation possibilities  

The direct buy packages are just the basics of what UiPath has to offer. Once you have set up your first automations and configured your first robots, there is nothing stopping you from exploring the additional products that UiPath has to offer.

As you explore further, you can add artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities or UiPath Insights to your mix of products, helping you build further on your initial automation successes. 

Starting today, a direct purchase flow is available to our customers in the U.S., will be subsequently launched in Europe, and other areas of the world by October. Japan will be available later.  

Get started with automation today

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Magda Neagu

Director, Product Marketing, UiPath

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