UiPath Launches API Developer Central

UiPath launches API Developer Central

Whether they know it or not, workers love APIs. They may not know how they function, or that API stands for “application programming interface.” But they do appreciate the kind of connectivity that enables them to quickly synchronize their business data and tasks from one app to the next.

Automation developers have embraced APIs

Automation developers, however, may see the above API point-to-point integration as just one option in their automation toolkit.

Process automation requires going beyond traditional API integration. App-to-app, user interface (UI) robot-to-app, document deciphering-to-app, human in the loop, and synchronizing attended and unattended robots, can all be part of a single API-connected workflow.

Thus, managing robots and automations, building application activities into workflows, or creating new connectors for any system, can all be empowered through APIs.

But API, robotic process automation (RPA), and citizen developers often require the hands-on option of API extensibility. In other words, they want the ability to flexibly expand existing use cases and build better ones.

APIs in the UiPath Business Automation Platform

API connectivity runs deep across the UiPath Business Automation Platform—and much of that API connectivity is prebuilt and ready for use.

But there’s also a great opportunity for API, RPA, and citizen developers to build and expand the above use cases via API.

To improve the developer experience, UiPath has started to streamline the developer journey by highlighting all existing API extensibility across the UiPath Platform.

Introducing ‘API Developer Central’

API Developer Central is a centralized and standardized web index designed for UiPath API, RPA, and citizen developers.

The site’s scalable architecture enables easy discovery of all relevant API development opportunities, while providing quick access to the correct ‘how-to documentation.'

The initial product roll-out for Phase1 includes Connector Builder for UiPath Integration Service, UiPath Orchestrator, and the UiPath Studio family of products.

Take a minute to visit our new developer site.

For additional information about API’s role in UiPath automation, we invite you to read our blog, Top Five API Automation Patterns.

charlie greenberg uipath product marketing manager
Charlie Greenberg

Senior Product Marketing Manager, UiPath

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