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To grow as a professional, one should stay on top of the latest industry trends and keep on learning. Our goal at UiPath is to help you leverage the best in automation to benefit yourself and your company.  UiPath Business Automation Platform enables you to build robust and rapid automations with UI and API integration, low-code development, integrated AI, and more. With the latest powerful updates, this has been improved even further. We are launching UiPath Dev Dives, an interactive series to showcase how you can implement the technical knowledge in your day-to day automation projects.

Explore UiPath Dev Dives

UiPath Dev Dives is a series of events designed to help you scale faster and automate smarter. The series starts on January 26, and will take place monthly throughout 2023. It brings together customers, UiPath product experts, and UiPath evangelists to showcase innovative automation solutions. Packed with demos and real-life examples, UiPath Dev Dives will introduce you to the latest and most innovative capabilities of UiPath Business Automation Platform. This is a paved way to automate faster and build smarter enterprise level automations. You’ll get access to valuable know-how on training robots for more complex tasks. 

What to expect?

UiPath Dev Dives includes twelve webinars on some of the most trending topics in today’s automation industry. Every new month will offer a new automation topic, a new opportunity to train your developer acumen, a new doze of inspiration from automation experts.  

You will learn how to automate the expense report process end-to-end, how to turn an idea into an app, how to design user-friendly attended automations, what semantic automation and communication mining are, and many more!  

Dev Dives focuses on capabilities vs products, on value vs new features, on real-life examples vs pure theory. This series is a fantastic opportunity to learn, ask questions, and solve challenges with the help of UiPath product experts.  

When to join?

If this sounds interesting to you, make sure to save the dates for the first four webinars. 

1. January 26, 2023: Building end-to-end automation for the expense report process Speaker: Alexandru Roman, Product Manager @UiPath


2. February 23, 2023: Slingshot your next low-code app

Speakers: David Kroll, Director, Solutions Engineering @Ashling Partners Silvana Schmitt, Sales Engineer @UiPath


3. March 30, 2023: Semantic automation in IT and communications mining

Speakers: Dhruv Patel, Sales Engineer @UiPath Tom Golebiowsky, Enterprise Account Executive – Communications Mining @UiPath


4. April 27, 2023: How to create user-friendly attended automations from beginning to end

Speakers: Robert Love, Principal Product Manager @UiPath Tuan Nguyen, Senior Product Manager @UiPath 


If you don’t have the time to join live, you’ll have the content available to watch at any time convenient for you. 

While the first four webinars are in the making, we are open to ideas on the following episodes. If there is a particular topic you would like us to cover, please add your feedback in this form. 

Join us today and enjoy this unique knowledge-sharing opportunity!

If you want to keep up to date, you can explore our community events page and find the content suitable for your learning needs.

Sofia Zhylych
Sofia Zhylych

Product Marketing Manager, UiPath