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UI Automation and Data Inputs

Note: This video is deprecated. Please see Advanced UI Automation for the newer version.

Combining UI Automation with Data Inputs

In this video, we will continue with our previous desktop automation. So far we have learned passing data using variables and using them in our recording sequence.

There are different methods of receiving data from simple applications like an excel file or a web browser up to the complex legacy and virtual applications like Citrix. Today, we'll be using the simplest method through user inputs using keyboard entries. We'll also show how to branch activities using if activity inside a sequence, about the array data type and how to clear unused variables.

User Inputs

In UiPath, we use INPUT data to store in a variable which can be used to pass data from one activity to another. This video we used an Input Dialog to capture user input and stores them into variables. These data are then used in the Calculator app as an INPUT data. We can set a default values to a variable so we can test the functionality of the activities.

If Activity

Inside a sequence, we can use the If activity to branch out input or output data. It has a similar function as a Flow Decision. In our sample workflow, we have setup our If activity to provide 2 different operators – plus and minus.

Array as a Variable Type

Variables are not only limited to numbers or strings. We can also use an array of strings, numbers, or combination of both. We can use array to provide list of items to users. This is commonly used in combo and option boxes.

Clearing Unused Variables

Variables are automatically generated every time an activity is added in UiPath. Some of them however, aren’t useable when added variables has been used in these activities. You can clear it by going to the Remove Unreferenced in the Manage Variables dropdown under Design menu.