27 October 2015

Capgemini Selects UiPath for 3 Year RPA Collaborative Technology Deal

27 October 2015

Capgemini Selects UiPath for 3 Year RPA Collaborative Technology Deal

“Paris, 22 October 2015 - Capgemini signs for Robotic Process Automation. Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, has announced a 3- year collaboration deal with UiPath, a specialist automation software company, to expand its Robotic Process Automation capabilities. The agreement will see Capgemini use UiPath’s software to provide advanced automated technology to its BPO clients globally, to help drive more effective business outcomes and greater business benefits.”

After the deal was announced, Daniel Dines, CEO of UiPath, said, “We’re pleased to work with Capgemini in the burgeoning field of Robotic Process Automation. This relationship is based on a mutual understanding of the value each company brings to the table. Capgemini recognizes our technology as being next generation – particUiPath and Capgemini are leaders in the field of Robotic Process Automationularly our superior computer vision based automation of applications delivered via Citrix…… UiPath is keenly aware of Capgemini’s deep knowledge of business processes, automation implementation and change management…..this collaboration will set new standards for growth and excellence in the RPA sector.”

Capgemini’s decision was based on a long working relationship with UiPath and also extensive due diligence around UiPath’s Version 8.0 - just released this fall. The release featured significant innovations in the following areas:

User Experience

  • Visual business rules – highly intuitive for business analysts in their process modeling work
  • Start screen that provides users with the option of beginning with best practices templates 
  • Library of pre-built actions to accelerate process modeling
  • Drag & Drop wizards for easy modeling of very complex workflows – even with 100s of steps

Automation Capability

  • Unmatched computer vision capabilities used for Citrix and SAP automation (based on proprietary image processing algorithms)
  • Robot API: web service facilitating seamless integration of UiPath robots with workflow/BPM tools
  • Robot functionality designed specifically for front office & back office automation
  • Extensible (.Net) business objects - easy creation of business objects for automation of insurance claims or financial transactions
  • Computer Vision-based automation of emails/attachments, PDFs and scanned documents/forms.
  • Trigger automation based on user events (e.g. clicking on a button): a front office robot essential.
  • Customized connector for java applications – able to “see” fine grain details (e.g. grid cells): an Oracle “must have”.
  • Robots have native access to the entire .Net framework features from within the process designer
  • Robots can call PowerShell scripts natively to automate most IT processes

Automation Performance

  • Deployment of robots to processes: on demand - from the management console
  • Formation of transaction queues: facilitating multiple robots running on the same process – from the management console
  • Deployment in Azure Cloud delivers Instant server scalability
  • Intelligent self-healing of any failed robot transaction provides maximum performance

Automation Management

  • One-click process deployment to UiPath server or shared location
  • Web based management console makes it easy to schedule, deploy, orchestrate, monitor & retire robots
  • Logging and analytics are integrated with Elastic Search (leading enterprise search engine) for easy access and reporting
  • Automation processes are stored as plain text files, so any source control can be used

Technology Standards

  • UiPath Process Designer based on industry standards established by Microsoft in SharePoint designer
  • UiPath Robot Server built on top of MS System Center SMA, scalable technology available on premises and Azure cloud


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by David Eddy

TOPICS: UiPath, Robotic Process Automation, RPA

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