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31 January 2018

Deloitte and UiPath Deliver Robotic Process Automation Across the US Government

31 January 2018

Deloitte and UiPath Deliver Robotic Process Automation Across the US Government

We are happy to announce that we are teaming up with Deloitte to support the growing needs of the U.S. federal government to improve service levels, enhance controls and reduce operating costs.


Deloitte and UiPath anticipate the federal government will be deploying thousands of “bots” over the next 12-18 months. Deloitte has trained and certified more than 500 of its practitioners on RPA software. Additionally, Deloitte has established an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) at its Delivery Center in Orlando, Florida, now with 1,700 professionals. UiPath’s engineers also provide support to the Deloitte RPA CoE.


“When we entered the federal market two years ago, there was a lot of skepticism about what RPA could mean in terms of impact on service delivery and employee workloads,” said Marc Mancher, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Federal Analytics Service Business leader. “Over the past 12 months, we have seen consistent marketplace signals that federal agencies are ready to embrace RPA as a way to improve mission delivery. Working with UiPath, we’ve been able to demonstrate how quickly and affordably, RPA can make an impact for federal agencies.”


“The U.S government can benefit from automation just like the private sector has — driving improved operational efficiencies along with happier employees and customers,” said Jonathan Padgett, vice president of U.S. public sector at UiPath. “As interest in accelerated processes and improved customer service amongst federal agencies continues to grow, we are ready to deliver exceptional deployments of our software through our collaboration with Deloitte.”


Together, Deloitte and UiPath are helping government agencies establish a digital workforce of bots that automate numerous tasks across all business functions, such as new hire onboarding, employee transfer processing, financial reconciliation, purchase requisition, invoice processing and asset management. Another key aspect to Deloitte and UiPath’s approach is the measurable impact in terms of reduced cycle times, increased compliance, improved throughput and enhanced customer experience.


A recent Deloitte Center for Government Insights’ study of the impact of automation, along with other cognitive technologies, revealed that within the next 5-7 years, as many as 1.1 billion working hours could be freed up in the federal government every year, saving $37 billion annually.


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by Anna Ghica

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