26 January 2018

‘Thank You, India, for What #RPA Is Today’ – UiPath Concludes Two More Successful Events in Bengaluru

26 January 2018

‘Thank You, India, for What #RPA Is Today’ – UiPath Concludes Two More Successful Events in Bengaluru


Update:  UiPath RPA Developer Conference 2019 Livestream

After 2 successful stops in New York and London at the end of 2017, last week #UiPathForward descended on Bengaluru to receive over 650 of India and the world’s leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) experts and leaders. It was closely followed by UiPath Developers Conference the next day, billed as the largest conference of its type, and attended by more than 600 specialists.


Hosted by Daniel Dines, CEO and Co-Founder of UiPath, and the entire Indian team of the company, the two events reinforced India’s position at the forefront of RPA evolution and showcased both the business opportunities and the incredible talent and intelligence India has to offer to the entire world.


Emphasizing RPA’s potential to help build the middle class in India through the diverse genre of jobs it creates, Dines also took the audience through the history of the Unicorn company that he is leading and underlined that UiPath owes its success to its superior technology and the amazing team who is behind it.


“I could not be happier with the past two days here in India. We saw record turnout in what must be the largest gathering of its type ever, and most importantly we saw the raw talent and opportunity that India has. I believe that in a few years RPA will be even bigger, and India will continue to form the cornerstone of this technology. India is a vital market for UiPath both in terms of our amazing partners, and the amazing developers and talent that exists here, and I look forward to further growing the UiPath office in India and holding an even bigger conference!” said Daniel Dines. 


Experts and leaders from some of India’s leading companies attended as delegates or speakers, including Accenture, AXA, HCL, IBM, KPMG, Prudential, PwC India, Robert Bosch Engineering, and Tech Mahindra. Taking the stage were also representatives from our technology partners Abbyy, Celonis, Oracle, and Enate.


One of the major highlights of #UiPathForward was the presence of Everest Group’s Vice-President Sarah Burnett who extensively presented the findings of a recent report on Enterprise RPA. Nearly 80% of the responding companies rated RPA to meet expectations and even exceed them, and imparted from their experience with reasons for choosing enterprise-grade RPA:

  • Quicker automation deployment;
  • Increased speed of scaling to different geographies and business units;
  • Increased process automation rates;
  • Reduced error rates & exceptions in automation;
  • Faster return on investment;
  • Regulatory compliance.

When adopting automation, companies revealed they look for: context-aware robots, integration of workflows, analytics, machine learning (for processing unstructured data), and robot operations data.


On the second day, UiPath Developers Conference brought together some of the top minds in RPA development and coding and enabled the developer community to discuss the technology behind RPA, overcoming future challenges and self-learning, and compete in a Hackathon.


Take the pulse of the two days watching the short videos below:


#UiPath Forward, India 2018



#UiPath Developers Conference, India 2018



Barely a few hours ago we also successfully brought down the curtains on UiPath Forward Japan, in Tokyo, where over 1000 guests honored us with their presence. There couldn't have been a more fantastic way for us to complete the #UiPathForward event series. Here's a firsthand impression from Tokyo. 

by Anna Ghica

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