30 January 2019

IBM and UiPath Unite Around UiPath Go! to Make it Easy to Bring Together the Industry’s Leading Automation Solutions

30 January 2019

IBM and UiPath Unite Around UiPath Go! to Make it Easy to Bring Together the Industry’s Leading Automation Solutions

Today, IBM customers are increasingly seeking RPA capabilities to complement their automation efforts. And UiPath customers are building out capabilities to surround their RPA initiatives. Now, with UiPath Go! as an open and free marketplace, we are excited to announce that we have made it easy to bring these two worlds together for customers.

Our customers have asked us to provide businesses with greater interoperability between automation platforms. Over the past few months, we have been working with the IBM Digital Business Automation (IBM DBA) team. We have been excited about our shared views on the future of Automation and have enjoyed working with Mike Gilfix and his amazing team.

When we launched UiPath Go! our goal was to offer a vehicle that could easily bring together diverse technologies and capabilities. Of course, we have had built-in integrations with IBM Watson for years, but we needed a marketplace that was unconstrained for organizations and users to build and share their own components, workflows, snippets, dashboards, and so on.

Dhruv Asher, SVP of Business Development at UiPath commented:

In response to this growing trend, this collaboration combines RPA from UiPath with IBM DBA’s capabilities, which automates repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture, and business decisions, in one integrated platform to make it easier for joint customers to receive the full benefit of both automation solutions. 

To hear first hand from IBM on the UiPath integration, take a look at the blog post written by Kramer Reeves, Director of Marketing, IBM Automation at IBM. 

UiPath RPA and IBM DBA offer automation solutions for all styles of work. The integration extends the value of RPA within IBM DBA’s capabilities, such as:

  • Workflows: orchestrates the right balance of repetitive and knowledge work

  • Decision management: separates complex rules from repetitive tasks

  • Data captures and content management: extracts and takes action on information from unstructured content

Learn more about our partnership with IBM Digital Business Automation


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UiPath and IBM agree that the next generation of successful and innovative companies are adopting an ‘Automation First’ mindset. Organizations implementing RPA are augmenting their workforce with software robots that automate the routine, mundane and repetitive tasks to free people up to focus on higher order, more strategic work and more time to be creative.

by Georgeta Gheorghe

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