23 January 2019

Connect! Meet the People and the Companies Putting Automation First

23 January 2019

Connect! Meet the People and the Companies Putting Automation First

Are you ready to be more involved in the UiPath community and join the influential RPA professionals who are putting Automation First?


We are pleased to announce the launch of UiPath Connect!: the open and people-centric platform that invites everyone in the UiPath community, from individual users and client companies to business and technology partners to explore valuable resources, grow their skills and create new ways to automate – all in a genuinely social setting.


The amount of valuable knowledge, content, and experiences that the UiPath community has generated over the last two years is immense. We are now bringing it all together in a unified and vibrant space where the people and the companies that make up our community can instantly connect and work together on innovative projects that will bring value to all.


Connect! invites you to:


Explore relevant users, companies and meet UiPath’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) to exchange RPA best practices, gather new automation ideas and team up on shared projects. MVPs are chosen for their deep commitment and passion supporting the UiPath community. They play an invaluable role and spend countless hours answering questions from peers and sharing their contributions far and wide.


Grow your RPA skills, career or business with integrated access to our knowledge library, the UiPath Forum, the UiPath Academy and Academic Alliance Program, and Go!. Take Academy classes, help fellow professionals and show your engagement to earn points, badges and ranks and achieve the recognition you deserve in the industry.


Create reusable automation components and team up to work on collaborative projects inside Connect!’s project space. Provide direct feedback to fellow users and their work and receive timely updates on the projects you are a follower of or directly involved in. 

“We look forward to welcoming ambitious RPA and business professionals from a diverse background into our community. They will undoubtedly make a valuable contribution in keeping UiPath true to RPA democratization.”  Ana Cinca, Vice President of Enabling Technologies, UiPath

Our efforts to consolidate all of our community’s knowledge and resources under one umbrella will continue to improve throughout the year, and further. Thank you for helping Connect! flourish and thrive at the benefit of all. 




by Mina Deckard

TOPICS: Connect!, UiPath community

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