31 July 2018

Microsoft and UiPath, Better Together in the Cloud and Beyond

31 July 2018

Microsoft and UiPath, Better Together in the Cloud and Beyond

Today we announced the next significant step in our strategic partnership with Microsoft Corporation whereby in addition to the “Gold Application Development Competency,” UiPath has achieved “Global Co-sell Ready” status with Microsoft. Our two companies are engaging jointly to deliver complementary value to customers and continued investment in Microsoft Cloud services. UiPath had to meet specific requirements (including technical, certifications, sales team coverage and customer references) in order to attain these designations.

UiPath has been building on the Microsoft technology stack for many years, providing best of breed automation of Windows, web-based and terminal applications including support for VDI (virtual desktop) applications eg. in Azure. Most of our customers use UiPath to automate a broad range of repetitive processes that leverage Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and other Microsoft applications to drive better efficiencies, remove redundant work from their employees’ plates and ultimately accelerate digital transformation.


Historically, deploying UiPath has all been done on-premises, but more and more, we are seeing our customers and partners deploy UiPath in the Microsoft Azure cloud. UiPath is committed to ensure that the UiPath platform deployment on Microsoft Azure can be easily achieved. A key customer benefit is the ability to significantly scale the number of software robots based on the elastic nature of the Azure cloud infrastructure or throw more compute at specific robots as appropriate, reducing devops and datacenter infrastructure costs for customers.


Azure Active Directory support is now native in the UiPath products, providing customers with best in class authentication and key protection. In addition, the ability to leverage Azure SQL means that the operational database is also scalable and secure.


It’s much more than just infrastructure from which our joint customers will benefit. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hot buzzword and when aligned with UiPath, makes for a compelling proposition. UiPath has invested in native integration with a number of Azure Cognitive Services as part of the customer journey to intelligent automation, and this is just the start of ongoing investments in AI and machine learning by UiPath both in the short and longer term.


In addition, through its rich web-based applications support, UiPath enables automation of a range of Office 365 and Dynamics cloud services covering hundreds or even thousands of process scenarios. It’s also possible to leverage technologies like Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps, PowerApps and Power BI with UiPath, and the plan is to invest in these and other areas more deeply in the near future.


For customers invested in Microsoft and wanting to get the most value out of these investments, UiPath provides unparalleled integration and value. We continuously work to ensure we deliver best-in-class attended & unattended software robot solutions, whether in contact centers and sales automation scenarios, in accounts payable/invoice processing, in the digital mailroom or in hybrid combinations of front office and back office processes.


Our customers love that they can easily experiment with RPA and get quick value by making use of the UiPath Community Edition at no charge, which includes a fully featured designer and robot runtime, and is used by thousands of members of the UiPath Community.


If you have an interest in knowing more, or you have a requirement in mind, please contact us.


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by David Marcus

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