20 September 2018

RPA and AI Acceleration Take Center Stage October 3-4, Don’t Miss UiPath Forward Miami

20 September 2018

RPA and AI Acceleration Take Center Stage October 3-4, Don’t Miss UiPath Forward Miami

As momentum for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) continues to grow, we need moments to come together. UiPath intends to do just that with an event not to be missed. Gathering customers, partners, RPA makers and major thinkers on October 3rd and 4th, UiPath Forward in Miami will focus on RPA and AI acceleration. 


In these two days we want to take all of the collective experiences we’ve gained over the past year to help our customers advance into accelerated, scaled, and maturely automated organizations.



A day for UiPath Partners

Because UiPath partners are shoulder to shoulder with us daily in our automation odyssey, the first night of the UiPath Forward Americas event will focus on them. On October 3, 2018, UiPath, together with Google Cloud and Microsoft, will host the UiPath Partner Forward conference exclusively for UiPath partners. There will be an exclusive Attended Robot Summit, hands-on training from our Academy Live team, and a lot more, designed to recognize our partners’ efforts and to enable them to continue delivering premier solutions to customers.


Take Home a Robot

October 4th will be an all-encompassing event for both clients and partners. There will be customer success talks from leading companies like Merck, Toyota, UHC, VMware, market leading advice from PWC, Deloitte and others, and live product demonstrations from UiPath and AI technology partners. Industry leaders will bring their implementation experience to delve into the most critical issues present in automation and AI and share best practices. Also, for RPA developers we have a special deep dive planned by our own developers.


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The event will kick off with a welcome from UiPath Chief Marketing Officer, Bobby Patrick. Together with UiPath CEO Daniel Dines and UiPath Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon, we will unveil the next UiPath platform. David Kirkpatrick, founder of Techonomy, will host a strategic leadership panel on human and robot interaction and decision making. And you won’t want to miss the Forward Exhibition Hall, which will feature more than 30 exhibitors, ranging from AI partners to global implementation leaders. UiPath RPA developers will offer hands-on demonstrations, and the exclusive “UiPath Take Home A Robot” sessions will be running continuously.


We will tackle together some hard-hitting themes central to automation and society. We will discuss concepts such as the future of work and the junction of humans, robots and data. For those who are curious to see RPA in action, here’s an idea of what you will experience:




During an interview with Forbes last week, UiPath’s Chief Customer Success Officer, Ashim Gupta emphasized the need for a better general understanding of how Robotic Process Automation can deliver real progress today while preparing the way for AI. UiPath Forward Miami is our company’s flagship event aimed at taking us all to that entirely new level. We’re expecting over 1,000 partners, customers and RPA makers to join us to learn exactly HOW.


To our partners, current and potential customers, and developer friends, we hope to see you there.


This week only, use the code ‘unicorn’ for 50% off your ticket price.


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by Robert Stewart

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