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8 August 2018

Craft the Future of RPA: Power Up Automation Hackathon Arrives in Bengaluru

8 August 2018

Craft the Future of RPA: Power Up Automation Hackathon Arrives in Bengaluru

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new challenge for RPA developers, by extending the Power Up Automation Hackathon to its Bengaluru edition with two main stages: the Online Idea Phase and the Live Hackathon Phase. Our mission: to support Indian developers automate repetitive business processes. Your task: to build open source, reusable components using UiPath Studio and enter the competition for winning over $15,000 in cash and prizes. By participating, you’ll also gain exposure to UiPath, its customers, and the entire developer community.




Here’s how it works. You have until August 26 to document and submit your open source reusable component. It must ultimately be built through UiPath Studio and must automate operations that are usually found in the workplace. Have in mind some of the following categories: custom activities, dashboard, automation frameworks, application and data connectors, snippets or machine learning models. Get inspired by the submissions we received during the UiPath Cool Automation Ideas Contest that have already been vetted by the UiPath Community members.


You can submit as many ideas as you can come up with. Only one will be selected for development and built during the Live Hackathon that takes place in Bengaluru from September 8-9, 2018.


Before you get started, read the competition’s Terms and Conditions here. Also, contact us if you have any questions about the Hackathon’s topics and prizes.


Happy automating!

by Gratiela Dumitrica

TOPICS: RPA Hackathon

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