24 October 2017

UiPath and EY Work Together to Help Provide Benefits of RPA to Organizations

24 October 2017

UiPath and EY Work Together to Help Provide Benefits of RPA to Organizations

UiPath and EY announced today they started working together to help provide the significant potential benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to organizations worldwide.


EY is licensing UiPath’s software to provide capabilities that are helping companies develop new services or connect their existing systems to robot-aware digital technologies, to help increase speed and efficiency and improve and transform services.


The collaboration is part of the EY broader intelligent automation strategy to drive client value by taking a business-led position in providing sector-specific approaches. EY is working with companies such as UiPath to combine intelligent automation solutions with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to unlock operating and business model transformations for enterprises.


For example, EY worked with UiPath to support a global insurance carrier to implement RPA and IA with its legacy environment. As a result, the carrier achieved its ROI and reduced its claim settlement cycle from 10 to 15 days to 1 to 2 days, for increased speed, efficiency and customer service.


The EY organization is now one of the leading users of RPA technology and it is using more than 1,100 robots to support EY businesses and clients.


“By collaborating with EY, we are helping more companies to realize that RPA is a real opportunity to gain important benefits, ranging anywhere from process performance to improved margins or overall competitiveness. EY’s deep implementation experience and its member firms’ ability to provide services that support organizations throughout the entire RPA journey, from defining the strategy to continuous improvement and innovation, are key to providing new capabilities to organizations”, said Daniel Dines, CEO and Co-Founder of UiPath.

“As digital disruption continues, many industries can be challenged by their legacy environments. However, replacing these systems while launching new digital services is equally challenging. We can help clients take their existing processes and help them with RPA and IA to transform their businesses and support them as they grow in today’s digital work environment”, commented Weston Jones, EY Global and Americas Robotics and Intelligent Automation Leader, Advisory.

by Anna Ghica


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