25 October 2018

UiPath Announces the Addition of Carl Eschenbach and S. Somasegar to its Board

25 October 2018

UiPath Announces the Addition of Carl Eschenbach and S. Somasegar to its Board

UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, today announced that Carl Eschenbach and S. Somasegar (Soma) have joined its Board, effective immediately. The appointments expand the UiPath Board to include eight members*, a prestigious group of seasoned business and technology executives from world-leading venture capital and Fortune 500 firms.

Eschenbach, partner at Sequoia Capital, brings 30 years of operating experience to the UiPath Board, including 14 years at VMware where he was president and COO. He helped grow VMware from 200 to 20,000 people and saw revenues scale from $30 million to $7 billion. At Sequoia, Eschenbach helps companies like Cohesity, Snowflake and Zoom develop operating models, grow and scale revenue and build winning go-to-market strategies. His background spans all types of infrastructure technologies, including on-premise, cloud and SaaS. He is eager to help teams build enduring business models that will drive digital transformation in the enterprise, and was recently on SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE discussing the future of RPA in the enterprise.

A 27-year Microsoft veteran, Somasegar is a managing director at Madrona Venture Group. Previously, Somasegar led the Developer Division (aka “DevDiv”)—Microsoft’s developer tools and services—key to building the virtuous cycle of growth that propelled the Microsoft platform ecosystem. During his long and successful career at Microsoft, Somasegar was responsible for Microsoft’s R&D labs in Boston, China, India and Israel, contributed to eight releases of Windows and was responsible for the Visual Studio and .NET family of products that enable millions of developers to build applications and services. Somasegar’s key investment areas at Madrona include machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI), next-generation cloud infrastructure, multi-sense user interfaces and intelligent applications, and include companies like AnswerIQ, MightyAI and also Snowflake. Somasegar will actively support the expansion of UiPath’s Bellevue Product Development Center, just outside of Seattle, which focuses on deepening both UiPath’s developer engagement and AI expertise.

Daniel Dines, CEO and co-founder, UiPath, said:

Carl and Soma bring considerable growth leadership and deep development and technical expertise to the UiPath Board,” . “They join an amazing Board including multiple top-tier VC firms and two of the world’s premier Fortune 500 tech companies. I am confident that we have established the industry’s strongest Board capable of guiding UiPath to help us best serve our customers and partners while we continue unprecedented growth.

In addition to Eschenbach and Somasegar, the UiPath board includes the following industry leaders (ordered by most recent addition):

    • Laela Sturdy, partner at CapitalG: Sturdy joined Google in 2007 as a managing director of sales and business operations, where she helped start, scale and lead teams in several emerging product areas. She seeks to leverage her investment and product expertise to enable organizations to transform from AI and RPA. Sturdy also presently serves on the board of Care.com.
    • Rich Wong, partner at Accel: Wong has been actively involved in the software and mobile ecosystems for more than two decades and is an early investor in enterprise leaders such as Atlassian and Airwatch. Wong and is eager to demonstrate the dynamics of the RPA market, specifically how UiPath delivers rapid time to customer value.
    • Tom Mendoza, vice chairman at NetApp, Inc. (NTAP): Building on years of experience growing NetApp since 1994, both as head of sales and later president, Mendoza brings proven capabilities of rapidly scaling business operations worldwide while maintaining a strong focus on customers and culture. Mendoza is a frequent speaker on corporate culture and leadership, and in 2000, Notre Dame, his alma mater, renamed its business school the Mendoza College of Business.
    • Luciana Lixandru, partner at Accel: Lixandru invests in technology companies that touch consumer internet, software and marketplace industries and brings more than a decade of experience helping companies cost-effectively scale business. She helped lead Accel’s investments and ongoing work in Deliveroo, Framer, Avito, Catawiki, Vinted and others.
    • Ondrej Bartos, partner at Credo Ventures: Bartos, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, co-founded Credo Ventures in 2009, which focuses on early-stage investments in Central Europe, including Price f(x), productboard and Supernova.io, and is a passionate believer in intelligent automation leading to more efficient enterprises (and happier people).
    • Dan Lupu, partner at Earlybird Venture Capital: Lupu brings two decades of technical and business growth experience to UiPath, holding investor positions at Intel Capital and now Earlybird Venture Capital where he discovers hidden gems in Central and Eastern Europe and helps them expand globally. He has invested in DCSPlus, FITE and Minit, among others.

*The UiPath board includes both voting directors and board observers. For more information, please visit https://www.uipath.com/company/board-members.

by Anna Ghica

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