30 October 2017

Deloitte and UiPath Partner for Faster RPA Deployment

30 October 2017

Deloitte and UiPath Partner for Faster RPA Deployment

UiPath, the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, and Deloitte Spain announce a strategic agreement to increase each other’s capability to meet increasing demand for large-scale RPA deployments. Together, these capabilities are delivered through the Deloitte Center of Excellence in RPA, composed at present of 80 professionals.


This represents the next stage in RPA collaboration between both firms, with a unique focus on implementing and managing large-scale deployments. Deloitte’s expertise in consulting and implementation will build on the capability, agility and scalability advantages inherent in the UiPath Robotics Software Platform while UiPath will provide Deloitte with training and support on its outputs.

UiPath creates intelligent software robots that allow businesses in every industry to automate repetitive, rules-based tasks. Digitizing these processes improves productivity, accuracy, and compliance, and enables employees to focus on more creative, value-added work. It also sets customers up to benefit from innovative machine learning and cognitive capabilities.


The Deloitte Center of Excellence—its commando center of RPA deployments—will gain capabilities to provide a faster response to the complex needs of existing and future customers looking to reshape their business processes through automation, and provide Deloitte’s clients with the tools and expertise required for large-scale RPA implementation. It garners human and functional resources, technical tools, adoption and governance framework and the experience extracted from constant monitoring and re-calibrating.


Developing strong RPA capabilities with a dedicated Center of Excellence shows a strategic and visionary approach. 2017 is proving to be the year when companies are moving rapidly from proof of concept and small deployments to large-scale automation. The UiPath team will assist Deloitte in every step of the way with a combination of superior technology and dedication to the customer success. I am sure customers will efficiently achieve and exceed their automation objectives, states Daniel Dines, CEO and Co-Founder of UiPath.


For his part, Luis González Gugel, Partner of Robotics at Deloitte Spain claims that:


Deloitte's commitment to RPA as a lever for the transformation of organizations is a strategic choice. This is why our RPA Center of Excellence is particularly relevant. Having the partnership with UiPatha leader in technologies and solutions of RPA is for Deloitte a differential element of our value proposition, and allows us to continue offering innovative services and solutions to our clients. 


The Center is part of Deloitte’s global network, whose services to clients reach an international scale.


by Anna Ghica

TOPICS: partnership

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